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Thread: Aussie Worm Rickrolls Jailbroken iPhones

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    Thanks. StormRoBoT.

    Are you referring to below. What do i do with iFile? What does it mean "for versions a - c, D"?

    For versions a - c

    For D:
    You are going to have to re-install Cydia if you had version D as it overwrites cydias files.

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    oh, using ifile, remove all the file, do the a - c

    dont do the D yet,

    after do the a-c then restart ur phone, if u see the wallpaper still didnt change then you have to do the "D"

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    thanks again.

    you are saying removing all the files as mentioned under the "for version a-c" section?

    restart iphone.

    If the image still there. than remove the files under the "For D" section. is it safe to remove these files.

    your last sentence say "You are going to have to re-install Cydia if you had version D as it overwrites cydias files. " what does this mean?

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    yes, removed all the file in version a-c

    i never tried the version D

    after i did the version a-c my fon is back to normal

    and before u do this make sure u have change ur SSH password

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    thanks, StormRoBoT.

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    how is ur iphone? is it ok?
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    I remove all the files
    after the ikee virus, i did DFU and restore
    but i didn't change the password but after using gprs
    i can't ssh, everytime i have to reinstall ssh then can get access to root and delete the above files again.

    anyone has any idea, why is it so ?

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