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Thread: Apple Not Fond of iPhone Gaming

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    Maybe if Apple worked on the UI and added more features in, then it wouldn't be a gaming platform as much. Stupid App Store rules, only thing can get through is games without Apple finding a reason to reject. Their fault. Apple are being ******bags this year!! The sales of their products must have got to their heads.
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    The empire is at it again.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandyt87 View Post
    To be honest who wants an ipod touch if they can combine a phone with the same functionality of the ipod?? 2 birds one stone.

    Fair enough some people wont want that (for financial reasons, they like their old phone etc etc)but for the majority of us we do.

    You are forgetting a big segment of iPod Touch users are kids/teenagers and those who don't want to or can afford an iPhone with a $70+/mo. cell phone bill.
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    Apple needs to realize the iPhone needs to either be as unrestricted as the full size OS-X, OR become the best damn gaming platform there is because if it can't be one it better be the other or it's nothing at all. Just another "half azz good design". They don't wanna be stiff and productive business like as microsoft, yet don't want to game. Well Apple, that is called middle of nowhere.

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    what the hell?! If you watched the "it's only rock and roll" keynote last september, Steve Jobs specifically wanted to push the iPod Touch as a gaming device. Are you suggesting that other execs/employees in Apple disagree with Steve Jobs?

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    because the iphone can ALSO do games nicely.... that is why people choose IPHONE over the masses of other smartphones.
    if iphone didnt do games and apps and such, i'd buy the HTC instead or the BlackBerry.
    how dare apple complain that they're surely becomming a monopoly of smartphones.

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    I am ready I do have a psp I would rather play my phone at work when we are slow why are the game devs not working with Cydia. Apple don't want it we do f*** Apple

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    This has to be one of the most ambiguous statements that Apple has ever made. Just take a look at the 3GS promotional video on the Apple site and it tells us that it makes the gaming experience even better as it is much faster than its predecessors. The official app store is full of games. There is not much else to say other than laugh!

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    yeah im not too much of a gaming nut myself...HORRAY for apple. LOL
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    poor poor apple.. printing money hand over fist and complaining that people are using their iphone for things other than making calls? everyone should have their troubles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boker View Post
    So I have to wait longer for GTA on the iphone?!
    GTA on the iPhone will be the highlight of my year

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    if they really hate the fact that the iphone is becomming a handheld gaming platform (for those that want it to be)

    why did they make that ad on gaming on the iphone....

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    typical apple tactics

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    that looks like a sweet game on the cover
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