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Thread: Apple Readying RFID Enabled iPhone?

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    this is just another way for someone to steal your card info. they must be working with apple, you steal his identity and well take 10%
    Quote Originally Posted by ??????
    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    About 5 years ago they had a guy pointing his phone to a vending machine and paying for a Coke in Japan, just demonstrating the concept. As with anything technological, there is a market segment who will benefit from this and there are many who won't. Apple made a name for themselves by trying to be cutting edge. Look at what happened with USB, created by Intel and lagging dreadfully in the 'ndoze world until the iMac back in the day. For me, no blood, no foul.

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    Agree a lot of people have lots of valid points here... The cutting edge yes we all love cutting edge and true japan has been doing this for years but I think a smarter idea would to release this application along with the development kit... Now we would have a whole new array of applications for everyone + it would challenge developers and open up a whole new ball game. This would allow for things such as the price scan on the t-mobile g1, a FM/AM Radio?, Small things like this and the thing - p.s about not carrying a credit anymore? Well thats just dumb just cause you can use your iphone with another iphone to pay doesnt mean stores are gonna have iphones setup for you to scan. Maybe in the apple store but we'll see about that. Again really cool idea I just don't see why apple is focusing on something probably a vast majority of their audience wont use when they don't even have all the basic functions down.

    I dunno what do you people think???

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    Its sounds good thing

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    Just to clarify, just because Apple would be introducing this technology to the next gen iPhone does NOT mean the authorizing device needs to be another iPhone. As I mentioned, a "vending machine" accepted the RF signal, not another phone. And, again, what interest is there for a "technology company" to share the framekit for a service they are implementing? This is not open source service as of yet. The competitive advantage makes the device more desireable and marketable. Same thing with the iTunes service. Apple is a "for profit" corporation, they have a business agenda and duty to it's investors. Just like any other co. Open Source comes from developers, not manufacturers. Anyways...

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    I will try it the credit card company will insure the safety but some one will figure out how to steal it. ppl get scammed every day that shouldn't stop technology just make it better

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