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Thread: Five iPhone Accessories That Still Keep Us Waiting

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    There are Bluetooth keyboards available. Since the iphone is bluetooth capable, wouldn't one of those keyboards work? YES, I realize that it isn't built in, and it isn't very portable, but, for those of us who need to correspond with others, a full size keyboard would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markass321 View Post
    are there really still iphone owners that want a physical keyboard? I will never want another cell phone that has one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
    O.k, I have to disagree with the article, several of these are currently available, or will be soon:

    Keyboard (Available Now):
    iPhone Keyboard - iTwinge
    Pff, really?! Come on, that thing is clearly just a layover that lines up with the on-screen keys, and only when you are typing in portrait mode - don't even think about flipping the phone sideways. Plus, every time you want to do something that requires the use of the now hidden half of your screen, you have to pull it off. All this hassle for $29.99?!?! FAIL.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
    Universal Remote (Available now):
    There are various Apps available on the App store that use a device that connects to your wifi network and will send out IR signals and make the iPhone a universal remote, take a look at:
    Bobby Universal Remote
    RedEye (The App is free, but you still need the device of course)

    They all have instructions on how to get such a device as well.
    That's great... if you only plan to control devices in a single room. Who wants to have to lug around an IR transmitter that has to be connected to a wireless network to use? A nice snug case that has the IR transmitter and dock connector built in would be ideal.

    Edit: Logitech would be best poised to make such a universal remote case. They could adapt the Harmony Remote software into an iPhone app, making device setup a breeze.
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    hum... i like most the non-physical keyboard but the physical one takes less place on the screen (Zero)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbeck0265 View Post
    My personal opinion is that the only real thing that the Iphone is missing is a Flash for the camera , Dog training tools are we really serious about that? C-MON MAN !!!
    Flash is definitely needed. There's already one available by FastMac, but for 80 bucks they need to at least make it look nice - FastMac | Product - iPhone External Battery Pack.

    There's also the SnaptureFlash, but it's not readily available (gotta join a waiting list, have they even shipped any in the last year?) - SnaptureLabs - SnaptureFlash.

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    6 months later, none of these are out
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