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Thread: GeoHot Turns Down the $10,000 Bounty for 3.1.2 Unlock

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    I donated $20 as soon as he released the 3.1 jailbreak.

    I wish I could afford to give him $400 as I was seiously gonna throw away my 3.1 iPhone if it could not be jailbroken.

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    I thought we were already supporting someones crack habit, I recall us jailbreakers being drug dealers :-P
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    Wow thanks geo. I will post info on free jbs and unlocks on craigs list as soon as he releases it i see all the ads for jb 30 20 whatever anyone got a cl account post a free add right under one of these

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    geo hot is doing the right thing....and he is not cocky at all...i can see it mature enough to decide about the money like this...cuz if im cocky im gonna take the 10k not leave it and sue whom selling my free softs....
    go forward geo ....if im in ur place im gonna kick their as*...and show them thats im doing it for the Appel community ... not for silly dealers...
    we r supporting u geohot ...and my donation will be the first piece of snow in ur account
    so get ready man....
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    Seems like he has his head on straight. Hopefully we will be able to get the word out to people that don't know.

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    i agree about the Craigslist thing. I seen an ad saying $80 to unlock iphone with 3.1.2 FW, starting on the 4th so make an appointment Lame.
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    where would we be without him. hes a genius and he just tweeted "hacktivation, geohot style, is working++...will be included in blackra1n RC3 on the sn0wday"

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    Geo, u r the man!!! Much respect goes out to u!!! Not only for turning down the money. But, for sticking to ur principles!! A man without principles is not a man! and u sir, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!

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    First I want to say thank you Geo.
    I don't need to unlock my iphone,but it is very nice to see that a lot of people are going to be able to unlock the iPhone for FREE.
    I would tell every one in every forum to donate, because Geo deserve more than $10,000, if all us could donate a
    dollar to show every body that the Iphone community can and will support guys Like Geo and the Dev Team.
    Go Geo ...Go Dev Team... Go Iphone Community knowledge is POWER.

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    while a classy move....
    you take the money and DONATE it to a charity of your liking.
    it's one thign to take BAD money and use it your self.
    it another thing to take BAD money and do GOOD with it!
    either way it's his choice.

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    How does this kid know all this stuff?!?!! I mean come on... Seriously why aren't only Apple execs banging on his door but also private military firms...

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    much respect to the man, only 4 years older than me and has high class, if its one thing the dev team and him agree on its that JODY SANDERS MUST GO DOWN :P

    Quote Originally Posted by ifonemaniac View Post
    How does this kid know all this stuff?!?!! I mean come on... Seriously why aren't only Apple execs banging on his door but also private military firms...
    true dat, ofcourse hed deny apple if they did but still plus apple could say he could find varouis ways to work around all of it if he was on the inside
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    the badest **** in the world,not to be rude or anything, this is the way i respect people.

    geohot = sickcunt!

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    Respect to geohot!! I'm donating November 4th!

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    Now that's class. Praise the Lord for your gifts, and continue to use them for good. God bless you bro.


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    That tool who trashed him on the blog should make an apologize write up.

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    great work and great really piss me off that people sell this unlock software..ebay is one of the big ones..taking peoples hard work and to make a quick buck..people are so low in life that they sell this..

    spread the word is the power..

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    Geohot, You have my full respect.

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    Keep your pride man!!!!

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    Well, I have respect for Geohot for standing up for what he believes at 20 years old. That's integrity. And thats rare in this society.

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