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Thread: iTunes 9.0.2 Shoots Down Another Palm Pre Invasion

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    I personally think iTunes should allow other devices to sync to it - the BIGGEST online music store is limited to sync only with iDevices. It's not right.



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    It's called "intellectual property" and having sole rights to it is what ensures companies continue investing in R&D, what brings the new gadgets to market. A business function protected by law afforded to all businesses. So, for a few more years Apple decides who it licenses it's iTunes to. How to play nice? Do what MS did to bring it to Windows. Pay a licensing fee or enter licensing agreement. Simple.
    These are business decisions basic to operating a profitable operation. Regardless of the "altruistic" view we wish to embue our favorite providers, the bottom line IS the bottom line.

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    I would prefer someone to purchase my devices to work with my software, but hey if you can't lead a horse to water you can still sell them podcasts

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    Palm is in the wrong .. period .. Apple has spent lots of time and money developing itunes why should it share ? There are many, many other phones that sync with your music that you have brought on itunes but WITHOUT using itunes (nokia media centre for example) , it is not palms right to use software it didn't write. Apple has left open the database so that anyone can access the information on your music/video etc. If you spent years building a car to transport things from the city to your house, does that mean that everyone else has the right to use that car ? ok so slightly shaky analogy but you can see the point....

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    i wonder how long palm is gonna keep this up?
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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