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Thread: Opens Its API

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    Default Opens Its API

    BSD Telecom, Inc - the company behind the BluffMyCall service and iPhone app - has released the Application Programming Interface to their system to developers in order to spur development for other platforms. With mobile versions currently available only for BlackBerry and jailbroken iPhones, BluffMyCall offers a lot of tools to modify how your calls are received.

    The company offers a free peek (after a ten-second ad) to a limited subset of the product's features, and sells access to the full version by the minute. Both the free and full versions let you use any Caller ID on the phone, change the sound of your voice and recording your outgoing calls. The full version adds notes, an uploadable phone book and the ability to bypass someone's phone and go straight to their voicemail. They offer local access numbers around the world and can make calls to over 950 international destinations.

    Joel Schwartz of BSD Telecom Inc. explained the company's decision to open up the API:

    We decided to release our API so that anybody can create any type of application to spoof. We are hoping that people will create widgets, web apps, and mobile apps for the smaller platforms. In addition we released the source code for our Windows Mobile application as a starter for developers to work with.
    Information on the API is available from BSD Telecom, Inc.

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    2nd getting this now

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    Out of the money again.

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    humm, wonder who is gunna pick it up now

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
    1st cool
    Quote Originally Posted by ihaveabu View Post
    2nd getting this now
    Quote Originally Posted by brotherbond007 View Post
    DAMN..No GLORY with a bronze medal
    Don't the 3 of you have anything far more intelligent to contribute rather than 1st 2nd and third???
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    I was 1st actually.

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    so what repo can you get this from? i see a "toy" called bluff my call in cydia, but it was released back in June of this that it?

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    I was last

    This actually sounds pretty sick!
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    Just a little humor guys sorry I think its cool how these programs help out using on other devices.

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    i wonder what theyll overcharge for this service...pretty swank concept though for sure
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    Um, 123Spoof is free still. :/

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    Text spoof please

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    ive been using this for along time, but sadly last month OFCOM here in the UK banned this service, so i have to use Irelands numbers now (which costs me actual money

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    I can see where this app would be a problem . Especially when calling emergency services like 911 . I tried this app and I get a message saying "I'm sorry, voice changing and recording are not supported for free calls at this time."
    So I guess its not working here in the States .

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