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Thread: blackra1n RC2 Released, Tethered Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS

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    Ok so if I understand this correctley tethering means that say for example the ipod is powered off in order to boot it back up is to run the black rain program again? Now will all the jailbroken apps still be there when you reboot or do you have to reinstall them? And as far as With this jailbreak you have run black rain twice first when his pic pops up then when when the screen is black to reboot am I correct? Listen Im sorry for bien such a pain in the *** and asking ten million question its just that im doin this for my girl and shes gonna kick my friken *** if I screw her sh*t up lol thank you guys for the help

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    So i take it this wont hacktivate my 2G?

    I have a hacktivated 3.0 3G and my reception is GARBAGE! I might just have to get a prepaid sim because i cant take 20 dropped calls a day.

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    Everytime i try to do run blackrain it stops working for me, i have an iphone 3g and am running Windows 7

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    when i use blackra1n for my ipod touch mc 3.1.2 it's booting in recovery mode only what i do for jailbreak my i touch i'm using mac and windows also plz help me.

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    Sahani once you enter recovery mode you need to rerun black rain and it will boot your phone thats what everyone means by the tethered jailbreak you need to rerun black rain everytime your ipod is restarted. Hope that helps you I didnt understand at first either

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    thanks for your reply brother it's working. my ipod touch is jailbreak.


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    Just did a new tethered 3Gs on windows XP. Once I got it to jailbreak ( which took about 20 tries, had to stop Bonjour and iPod services and run Blackrain as admin from my c: drive) you then have to run blackrain again Twice to boot the phone. Only this time don't run as admin. And now every time i shut off the phone I have to run Blackrain twice but not as admin.

    What I found is if you are having problems with your phone hanging on the iTunes restore screen first if iTunes pops up and asks you to check the firmware click cancel and close iTunes. Then re run black rain twice but not as admin and the phone should boot right up.

    And for anyone still un sure about the whole tethered thing. Anytime the phone is shut off or rebooted ( not respringed) you will get the connect to iTunes screen and have to rerun blackrain twice (not as admin) to boot the phone. You will NOT loose anything off the phone.

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    how do you use blackra1n with a mac? im tryin to tell my buddy on a mac and i thought it was just like the pc but its not. its a zip file with a .app on it. would you just load the .app into your itunes? some directions for mac would be nice. thanks

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    So i picked up my new 32gig 3GS today (week 37 production). I was really worried about breaking my phone so i took the time to update my old 3g to 3.1.2. Backed it up and clicked "make it rain". needless to say this is amazingly simple. Click one button and it does the rest! After the 3G booted back up i opened the blackrain app and installed cydia. all went fine. installed my first app through cydia.

    next up i plugged in my 3gs, made it rain and walah jailbroken 3GS in about 20 seconds!!! installed Rock on the 3GS. i'll play with both and see how they are.

    Thank you so much!!!


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    I have a 3GS in 3.0.1, which I'd like to keep and jailbreak to retain tethering functionality. I have seen nothing that says there is a working hack to enable 3.1.2 tethering, even on jailbroken devices. Using the blackra1n hack didn't work, because even though it acted like it should, it did not install the app (and works only with 3.1.2). I tried the Redsn0w method prior to that, but ran into the issue of Apple not verifying the signature for that earlier firmware, and the server links posted out there did not work. So I feel stuck. Any suggestions? Thank you! (This is my first jailbreak.)

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    RedSn0w will work but you need to point t at 3.0 ipsw (not 3.01)
    Or you could just upgrade to 3.12 and use BlackRa1n.
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    But can you tether with 3.1.2? That's what's blocking me. And won't downgrading to 3.0 with redsn0w cause problems?

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    Yes - with BlackRa1n
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Default Newbee
    Wow that was the easiest unlock ever...

    Iphone 3Gs unlocked on both my sim cards

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    I have a question guys....If I were to buy an iphone 3gs with the new bootrom, could I successfully jailbreak and unlock with blackra1n?
    No link... Thanks

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    Default Blackra1n is at RC3 now


    Blackra1n is at RC3 now. Not sure what the changes are. It shows Sn0w as an option on the iphone.

    Had been reluctant to upgrade from Firmware 3.0 to 3.1.2 on an iPhone 3gs because I did not want to lose USB and Bluetooth tethering. Also have 5.7 GB of App Store Apps and 15 JB Apps that I figured would take a long time to reinstall on the phone.

    Thanks to GeoHot, StealthBravo, and BenM everything went very smooth. Earlier had used StealthBravo method to get MMS on FW 3.0. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. Did not have to reinstall the App Store Apps. AptBackup reinstalled the JB apps automatically. Still have USB and Bluetooth tethering working. Below is the step by step process that I followed.

    1. Used iTunes to backup iPhone Apps and settings. (This was a just in case it did not work thing because the backup was not used)

    2. Used AptBackup from Cydia to backup JB Apps.

    3. Used iTunes to upgrade to FW 3.1.2. (This was the longest part of the process and took about 20 minutes. Selected Cancel and Exit when iTunes prompted to update Carrier Setting. Figured this might keep the USB and Bluetooth tethering and it did. All of the App Store Apps and settings were still there and did not have to restore from backup.

    4. Ran Blackra1n RC3. (When iTunes said there was an iPhone in restore mode selected cancel and exit. Took less than one minute)

    5. Used Blackra1n to install Cydia and then did Cydia updates.

    6. Used AptBackup to restore all JB Apps. (This went surprizingly fast and took less than two minutes. All of the setting were still there. The downloaded You Tube videos were still there. Roms were still there. The only thing I had to do was relogin to GVMobile.)

    Again thanks to GeoHot, StealthBravo, and BenM for making this all possible. Did not lose any functionality and gained the new functionality of FW 3.1.2 such as the ability to install new App Store Apps that require FW 3.1. MMS messaging still works.

    Jim K.
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    Default Solution for wifi, youtube & gps error
    Hey guys! A simple solution for those of you who had jailbroken/unlocked your 3GS with Blackra1n/blacksn0w and found that your wifi, youtube and GPS are not working properly.. Those who have already found a solution, please ignore this..

    For WI-FI

    To fix the WiFi issue after blackra1n issue, you can simply reset the network settings. Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings”. Tap on the “Reset Network Settings” button again to confirm. After resetting, the WiFi issue should be fixed!

    For youtube and GPS

    1. Launch Cydia/Rock
    2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”
    3. Tap “Edit” button and then tap “Add” button.
    4. Type in “” for the cydia/apt URL and tap “Add Source”. Cydia will then verify the URL and register the repository URL. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia” to continue.
    5. Once registered, tap “” and look for “Push Fix”. Tap on it.
    6. Then tap “Install” button, followed by “Confirm” to install PushFix.
    7. Wait until the install process completes and tap “Reboot Device” to restart iPhone
    8. After reboot, it’s supposed the installation of PushFix is complete. But you can go to launch YouTube for verification. If you can successfully launch YouTube, that means the Push Notification is fully installed. Otherwise, go back to step 1 and install the PushFix again.

    Cheers! This is not my guide..I got this useful information from the internet and Im sharing it with you guys.

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    pushfix is really, really not a good idea....
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
    pushfix is really, really not a good idea....

    Oh! I dint know that.. could u please be more specific?
    btw.. it works well with ROCK but i faced problems a couple of times with Cydia and so i found this solution..

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    The only 'pushfix' program I know of is the pushfix beta released by the Dev Team in an attempt to fix the fact that Push Notifications do not work with hactivated phones.
    It resulted in notifications going to the wrong people and all sorts of problems so was never meant for release.
    Unless this is a different pushfix I would not use it.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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