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Thread: Nokia Sues Apple For Patent Infringement

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhone3G[S] View Post
    @pauldanielash - "The Finnish cell phone manufacturer Nokia has sued Apple, claiming in the U.S. District Court in Delaware the iPhone violates ten of Nokia's patents of GSM and wireless technology."

    Nokia hasn't sued YET, they only filed.

    I think the whole thing is pretty lame. Nokia is sailing away on the failboat and suddenly after the 3rd generation of iPhone they decide it infringes on their patents. Now it's possible Apple and Nokia have been discussing a contract to license those technologies and finally told Nokia no because they were demanding to much money.

    Just my 2 cents.
    It's not get after the 3rd iPhone, it's after Apple's profits rise 47%. I'm pretty sure it's also the 2ed time they've earned over 10 billion total.

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    oh..... so Nokia invented GSM. Thats why it sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dq13 View Post
    This won't affect apple at all... I don't know why Apple don;t wanna pay nokia for using "their ideas"... it is simple, if Aplle lost this battle they just raise the price on the iphone and make the same profit, I think Nokia is right, they patented something and if anyone else wanna use itm they have to pay, just like all other phone manufacturers... why make an exception with iPhone??
    $12 is A're selling millions of phones...all over the world...this won't break apple or make a sizable dent...but someone somewhere will get fired to make up for the profits lost

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    just wanted to say that apple is the cookpuncher of phones!

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    Really, this is simple, if it's Nokia's patent, they have the rights to ask for proper compensation, heck they even have the right to tell Apple that they can't use it at all.

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    Default Go Nokia....
    I hope nokia will win....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
    "Boo hoo, those iPhones are so much better than our crap... how are we supposed to make money if our phones all suck? Oh I know, let's try to get in on Apple's action."

    Lame. Here's a hint Nokia, make better phones. Make an "iPhone Killer" that actually deserves the name, unlike the countless failed attempts of everyone else.
    you have no idea what you are talking about...

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    Wow...Nokia probably sued Apple for money.
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    Nokia is most definitely making this claim to get some money. All these Mac-and-iPhone only fanboys would do the same too. If you spent BILLIONS creating a new technology, then you deserve your due respects. Simply put.
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    Default Wtf?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ginsu View Post
    Does Microsoft pay Apple every time they sell a copy of Windows? Didn't think so.

    Nokia's argument is invalid, and the judgment will be random, because somehow these high-tech intellectual property cases are always tried by the most technologically illiterate judge the judicial system can dig up.

    **** Nokia for whining.

    If Nokia wins this, it should immediately overrule Apple v Microsoft, and Microsoft should cease to exist. But that would only happen in a fair and logical world.
    WTF are you talking about?, are you a 10yrs old mac fan who only have an iphone because your dad bought it for you?, Unlike you,we pretty all used a nokia in our life and they make pretty good phones and i can't wait for the N97 Which has flash, games, good apps, better screen than iphone, Keyboard,Touchscreen.... YEP NOKIA REALLY DOES SUCK!!!...... Smartass who talks about microsoft and doesnt know ****.

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    Founded in 1988, Oy Radiolinja Ab was the first company in the world to open a GSM network, in 1991. The Radiolinja Group comprises Oy Radiolinja Ab, the subsidiaries Radiolinja Eesti AS, SIA Radiolinja Latvija, Globalstar Northern Europe and Tresmec Puhelimet. The Groupīs net sales in the period 1st January - 30th September 1999 came to FIM 2.197 billion and it had a personnel of over 900.
    Nokia and Finnish operator Radiolinja have agreed on a GPRS upgrade of Radiolinja's base station subsystem. At the same time, the companies signed an agreement for the delivery of the first phase of a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) core network solution to Radiolinja.
    Source: Nokia - Nokia delivers first phase GPRS core network solution to Radiolinja, Finland - Press Releases - Press - About Nokia

    Nokia was one of the key developers of GSM........ Nokia delivered its first GSM network to the Finnish operator Radiolinja in 1989

    Nokia is still a massive player in the cell industry. They don't release as many phones in the US as other companies do but world wide they are massive.
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    I love how there are so many ppl on here that hate Apple yet they've all supported the company by buying an iPhone and continue to do so by just having one and using it on a day to day basis, (advertising). Not to mention you're on a forum that exists because of Apple. You'd think if someone hated Apple so much they wouldn't have anything to do with them...but I guess not lol it's pretty funny, but at the same time sad. All you hear is how much Apple sucks and how you have to pay for their crappy stuff when at the same time you're using their product. Whether its jailbroken or not its still a product of Apple and you're choosing to use it, no one's making you. Just because I own a Mac an iPhone, and an IPod doesn't mean I hate PC or Windows or Linux. All those companies make great stuff. Someone on here said it right, ppl just like to hate on Apple cause its a cool thing to do or because other ppl are doing it. What are you accomplishing by hating on Apple yet using their product?

    Anyway, Nokia makes great phone's but Apple shouldn't have to pay them $12 a sell thats too much. I think maybe a one time fee would be good enough.

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    Is it really true that Nokia invented GSM? From this article, it seems to me that it is a joint effort started by West Germany, France and Italy in 1985, joined by UK in 1986.

    History and Timeline of GSM

    The above article also said that:
    "In 1986, the GSM Permanent Nucleus (headquartered in Paris) was formed to assume overall responsibility for coordinating the development of GSM."

    How does Nokia get to claim this as something it created???

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    Nokia is just the first one, more companies will follow, such as Ericsson, Simens, Motorola, Qualcomm, InterDigital, Samsung and etc. Apple will have more problems with those companies because Apple does not have many IPs in this area. It is better for Apple to settle this ASAP, otherwise it will be real ugly!

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    I hope Apple loses and has to pay NOKIA. Latley Apple has been a bunch of little bit$%s, and need a taste of their own medicine.
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    This article talks about Nokia's involvment in GSM deveolpment.

    This is the first part of it.

    Nokia has been acknowledged for its pioneering digital technology work. This year, the German Eduard Rhein Foundationīs Technology Award was awarded for the development of the digital cellular telephone system (GSM) to Mr. Heikki Huttunen representing Nokia, together with Mr. Thomas Haug (Telia) and Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt (Ericsson). The official Award Ceremony takes place in Munich on October 18th.

    Heikki Huttunen, representing Nokia and its research and development activities, is specifically recognized "for fundamental innovations and advanced design work, in particular for contributions related to GSM handheld cellular telephones".
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    If any of you would like to pitch in 40 billion dollars for development, we can let nokia off the hook along with apple as well. Ignorant responses in this thread are the same people that think MMI runs off nothing but good thoughts and costs nothing to exist. Apple are snakes and think they can do anything they wish like they invented the world. I hope Nokia, GOOGLE< and the FCC all rail Apple a new hole.

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    Agreed. From what I have been looking up Nokia was the main player in the development of GSM. Even though the credit in most entries goes to the organization, Nokia poured tons of money into it to make it work porperly and also to make the improvments that we see today (GPRS). Since they helped develop GSM they hold key patents that helped in the development.
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    Lets see what happens.

    I think Apple will settle this out of court.

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    I have a feeling this is going to fizzle out...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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