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Thread: Apple Giving 4G iPhone a Try on Verizon?

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    The expansion of T-Mobile 3G is rapidly happening, they are about to cover 200 million pops at the end of the year and their towers are only in need of a software upgrade for 21mbps HSPA. AT&T has maybe 2x more coverage? Not impressive for a company with a major headstart.



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    now i know know verizon is currently a cdma network but from everything i have read the new lte network is going to be gsm based so why would apple be testing a cdma iphone on a gsm network?

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaoticsquirrel View Post
    After all the problems that I have with AT&T, I would gladly switch to VZW. If VZW comes out with 4G technology that is significantly better coverage and a lot sooner than AT&T is able to put out, I don't see why Apple wouldn't expand their product to other carriers. I doubt they are going to be holding a grudge like junior-high girls and refuse billions of dollars because VZW said something mean about them...
    I just switched to AT & T. I miss Verizon'a customer service, but couldn't afford the termination fees.

    In 2 years though, if Apple does go to Verizon, then I will switch. *sigh* I don't have an opinion on what is going on, but I will keep my fingers crossed for the Verizon and Apple pair!

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    I dont think Apple is worried that much about VW. Beings ATTs 4G network will be up and running sooner than they expected. plus IF apple did run with VW also, i dont think they would drop ATT all together. Simple fact is selling with 2 companies is better than selling with one company, LoL

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    I've been with VZW for the past 11 years...of course one week after I early terminate and go to ATT for the iPhone, I see all these DROID commercials now and how cool its gonna I hope the droid phones suck only for the fact that I'll be really pissed if come November they actually ARE "iphone killers". If I new about Droid before terminating..I would have stuck it out for another month to see what comes out in Novmever. My contract was due in Feb '10 so i had to pay 80.00 terminate fee.

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