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Thread: Sonos Brings Wireless Mesh Home Audio - Controlled by iPhone

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    Default Sonos Brings Wireless Mesh Home Audio - Controlled by iPhone

    image via Gear Live

    Using your iPhone as a remote has been done, but a company called Sonos has integrated iPhone into its whole-house wireless sound system... and on top of iTunes control, adds internet radio and Napster, Rhapsody, Pandora, and Sirius to the options at your fingertips.

    The Sonos ZonePlayer 120 is a five-speaker system two tweeters, two 3 mid-range drivers, and one 3.5 woofer - each individually powered by its own dedicated amplifier. The ZonePlayer 90 is a speakerless unit with analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs that can connect to your existing sound system With a wireline connection to your network, the ZonePlayer will connect to all other remote units wirelessly. Alternatively, a $99 wireless Zone Bridge will allow ZonePlayers to be located anywhere in your house. The remote units form a mesh network, allowing zone coverage of multiple rooms without using a your WiFi bandwidth.

    The system comes with a dedicated controller, but also offers a free iPhone/iPod touch app allowing you to control the network from your phone. Output can be customized for individual units, or a stream from your iTunes library or any one of five online music services (provided, of course, that you have a subscription) can be played on all units in the house.

    The sound system itself is fairly sophisticated with its use of wireless mesh, but the iPhone integration brings an importantly innovative piece, allowing you to manage a complex set of digital sound sources using the intuitive interface of your iPhone.

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    Default sweet
    thats pretty cool

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    OK, pardon me of I read your post incorrectly, but the Zoneplayer 120 is not a speaker system. I own a Sonos system and have for a few years (they are awesome btw). The 120 just has left and right output for speakers as well as an unamplified output for a subwoofer (well it does have L&R line out as well, but it can't be used at the same time as the speaker out). Unless they have a new product out that I am unaware of none of their zone players have speakers (although they do sell speakers). They have had an iphone app for it for a while, which would make their remote unnecessary. Although I still use the Sonos remote as its always on my network and my iphone isn't. If you want to have music in different "zones" in your house this is a must look at system. THe ability to also play Pandora and your Rhapsody account is really sweet!

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    the new 5 speaker system from Sonos is the Sonos ZonePlayer S5.
    I think some information was mixed up by the topic starter.

    Check for more info: Sonos

    On a side note: I also own a Sonos system and at first I had the original Sonos Controller. I gave it back to the store though, since Sonos released an iPhone-app which has all the functionalities that their new touchscreen controller has. Only, the app is free (well, you gotta have an expensive iPhone first of course ) and the controller isn't
    But I totally love the Sonos-setup

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    I also have a Sonos system and I can say they are fantastic.
    I use my iPhone to control my Sonos players and I think it is better than the original Sonos controller, although I have an old one and I see there are new ones which look different.
    Also iPod touches can be used in a similar way. So if you pick up a cheap, old iPod touch and download the Sonos software you can save money on buying a dedicated Sonos controller.

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    at $399, it really limits the number of rooms you can setup. Their web site demo is cool and shows 3 being used.... thats $1200!!!!
    if they come down a bit in price or Black Friday has them somewhere for $299, i might pick up a couple.

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    Bada$$ something else i can piss my neighbors off with

    BTW, if anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated...
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    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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