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Thread: AT&T Teeter Totters on Tethering

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL View Post
    You said people will cancel their Existing High speed service through AT&T to tether through an iPhone.. you said nothing about people with dial up .
    Being literal isn't going to change "being broke". It doesn't matter if you're surfing on a 24 karat gold iphone on T3 speeds, if you can't pay the bill, you're going to find a way to stay online and this is exactly how to do it. It doesn't matter if it's the way you'd do it or not. The persons paying for 3 kids to go to school buying white label mac and cheese to feed everyone in the house and trying to keep online for jobs and homework are the people who don't give a dang if you can get your tivo through the iPhone tether or not. Bearing in mind, nobody ever said YOU would switch off your internet service for ATT tethering.

    I know people on hard times, I know how thrifty they are, I know they don't give a damn about your Tivo, they wanna eat and keep the kids online learning their homework. I'm fortunate enough to not have the problem, but to have the insight. These people WILL cut their cable off for tethering.

    He said, as he sat here smelling a yankee candle on his high speed connection.........

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    Tethering is still a $30 add-on, you can get Cable (initially most providers give discounts giving you a substantial first year savings) or DSL for that price.. you're over analyzing it. I was simply giving an EXAMPLE of what can't be used through tethering for the iPhone and there are many more examples. $30 for crippled internet access is no value or reason to switch from hard lined internet. You can also get iPhone data off of your plan if you must, just need an IMEI of a dumbphone. = $30 savings with HS access still intact at home

    Chances are if anyone is struggling to feed their kids, the iPhones are being sold and the account is going into collections and they're managing with a Cricket or MetroPCS phone.

    Even more savings!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL View Post
    I don't have to be smarter than AT&T to know they like making money more than satisfying their customers, it's always been like that at AT&T.
    Oh silly me I forgot that the absolute main goal of EVERY SINGLE FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ON EARTH THAT IS SUCCESSFUL simply wasn't to make as much money as humanly possible. Sure you may think that Verizon sure does care a whole lot about you, setting up a tower up in whatever god-forsaken area that you live in that is outside AT&T's service area, or even the 3G data coverage area of Verizon but the fact of the matter is that only want your money, nothing more. If Verizon can do something that makes you like them, they'll only do it if they think it will make more money. So by saying OMG AT&T ONLY CARES ABOUT DA MONEY you're trying to imply that any other phone carrier isn't exactly the same and that simply isn't true, no matter how you try to bash AT&T.

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    Default Dumb Fu..s!
    Apple should enable tethering at large and leave to individual sevice providers to make the service available... For us that have iPhones outside US and have good service providers (F.U. AT&T!) we should be able to have tethering working for us... WTF Apple!?!?!? Have you become Micorosoft?!?!?...

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    Who said every carrier isn't about the money? AT&T has always been about how cheaply we can run our network - Especially back when I had them and a cheap LG flip phone, which is NOT ok.



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    Oh. I get it. The iPhone is a tether ball.
    "foreign corporations > swedish law"

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    Wow, Canada is finally getting access to iPhone crap faster than the front-runners, the United States of America. First MMS photo messaging now tethering!

    Don't worry south of the 49th parallel... I've been tethering since the day 3.0 came out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inzandity View Post
    This is why I won't update to 3.1.x yet. I want to keep my free tethering for now...without PDAnet
    Exactly. I've had tethering since July, and it work pefectly still (and yes I'm still on 3.0.1) - Like MMS, it is something that is functional, so like with MMS, I don't understand why at&t imposes these artificial road blocks.

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    att allow tethering? naw. not happening
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