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Thread: TomTom iPhone Car Kit Pricing Released

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    ^ Yeah that is another thing I don't care for is the price!

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    What a f***ing rip off!!!! WTF i was expecting like 30 bucks. It's only plastic and simple electronics lmao. 3G users are screwed because I noticed it's slower gettig a gps signal. With the 3gs however you don't need that cradle is works perfectly without it.

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    Better GPS lock
    Live traffic updates

    Sh!tty GPS lock that bounces around all over the place
    Have to get a car kit to get it to lock as well as Navigon.
    No text-to-speech
    No live traffic updates

    Oh my God, I'm just sooooooo torn! How could anyone ever decide between them?!

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    what a rip of,120.00 dollars my ***,i need to go still one lol.....

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    I think TomTom has missed the boat on this one. Not many people are going to pay $99 for the app and then $119.95 for a powered dock with an untested external GPS receiver. Which in my opinion is not needed. I have no problems with Navigon losing GPS locks and find its features to be superior to TomTom.

    The ratings and written reviews even support my opinion. Right now the Navigon North America app is the top grossing app in the AppStore. Navigon ratings are 4 1/2 stars while TomTom is just 3 stars.

    While I like the idea of a powered dock with a speaker, I can't justify paying an addition $129.

    I purchased the ARKON Travelmount Mini Windshield, Dashboard, Console Mount for Apple iPhone 3G for $13.99 on eBay. This has worked very well for me. It has excellent suction cup comparable to Garmin and TomTom units. I power my iPhone 3G using a car charger cable purchased on eBay for about $4.99

    I am able to listen to my ipod music and GPS navigation instructions through my car's speakers by connecting my iPhone audio jack to my car's auxilary port. This has worked very well and is cheap in comparison to TomTom's dock.

    For those looking for a windshield/dash mount for an iPhone 3G(s) that has a protective case, there is the Arkon SM215 Travelmount Mini Windshield, Dash, and Console Mobile Phone Mount for my iPhone 3G. It sells for $19.95 directly from Arkon at www . arkon . com

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    What kind of a moron would spend $219 on this package when Navigon is universally reviewed as a superior app and performs perfectly well without a $120 mount?

    Nice job TomTom marketing team! You guys are brilliant!


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    They've being told that idiotic iPhone owners will pay for anything connected to apple. Wow is all I can say. Anyways when is te china knock off coming out.

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    rip off..not getting iphone 3GS it self is good enough already..they just want money from us.. all i need is my iphone car holder and power plug charger for my car and im good..cost me like 40 bucks..oh and navigon kick tomtom booty

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    yes work with navigon great i have this

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    Could buy a standalone for just the price of the accessory itself.
    Now put the app + stand together and I can buy a new 3GS w/ a new contract.

    No thank you.
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    What a rip... they should include the app at this price. Oh well, app works fine without it anyway. If they sell this kit at best buy maybe the gf can get it for employee price >.>
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    hopefully NO ONE buys this garbage just for the stunt they're trying to pull.

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    It's a nice piece of kit to supliment the appalling implementation of GPS in the iPhone. I was thinking of getting it for my CoPilot - but not at that price.
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    in todays economy, you have to be kidding and crazy to try charging some outrageous amount of money for things like this knowing you can buy a GPS anywhere with the same good features for $99 which is the "sweet spot" for this item combined with the software

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    this looks pretty cool but you better get the tomtom app with that price, there out their minds but some dumb *** will buy it for that price. WHY?
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    It should be only like 10 max if you bought the TomTom app from the AppStore

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    looks like another easy target for thieves to make money off of. When ppl purchase this and have it installed, no one is going to take the extra effort to take out the stand when they leave their cars. Its going to be another Satelite radio thing all over again.

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    The trouble is that when they charge that much for a mount, the thieves will be breaking into cars to nick the mount, never mind what was in it!!!

    I think I'll stick to a mount that cost 9.99.

    Sorry jolyrogger, should have read to the end of the thread before I posted.....

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    thank god for **********... tomtom=$0.00 so i only have to pay about a $100 for the mount lol. still no thanks.

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