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Thread: iPhone Heads-Up Navigation for Cyclists

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    Default iPhone Heads-Up Navigation for Cyclists
    [ame=]YouTube - iPhone ARider ver 0.3 by UEI / ZeptoTools[/ame]

    video via Zeptotools

    A Japanese firm has developed a prototype navigation system for cyclists using an iPhone 3GS and a helmet-mounted display. MAKE Online links to a video of the project by Ubiquitous Entertainment where the rider is shown with the iPhone in what looks like a pretty precarious mount on top of the helmet (which one colleague noted looked like a samurai's [ame=""]chonmage[/ame] haircut).

    Due to safety concerns, the developers suggested that the Scalar Corporation T3-A HMD should be retracted while riding. So it's definitely not ready for prime time, with the iPhone exposed to the elements on top of your helmet, and having to stop for directions. Still, it's an innovative use of the core functionality of the iPhone plus add-ons like the head-mounted display and an ADSP Bluetooth headset for voice control and for your cycling soundtrack.

    Now all they need is a proximity sensor for warning you about drivers opening their doors in your path...
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    sounds assome!!!!

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    It's neat, but it'd be easier/cheaper just to use a bike mount and glance down at your map instead. I think I'll just go that route. :-)
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    just pray when you riding your bike to make sure it dont rain on that day or spend some more $$$ for a new iphone make me want to run pass the guy and jack his phone

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    Cool concept..but potentially dangerous.

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    they should wire the phone so it stays it ur pocket not on ur head lol its looks stupid with that design
    but its a kick *** idea

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    thats a ghetto-*** mount
    looks like they just stuck a wire through there and its up to you to balance the iphone on your head.
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    ill be crasy to do such stupid thing! next thing you know your iphone is gone from your helmet....

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    kinda stupid.......

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    Its like a beer helmet for tech geeks!
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    It's a good idea. That helmet look SO STUPID. I wouldn't wear that helmet in a million years.

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    One quick stop on the brakes and that iPhone will be traveling down the road faster than your bike. The HMD is a nice idea but the phone needs much better protection from weather, accidents, thieves, etc.

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    Are they the same company that came out with this hands-free device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billchase2 View Post
    It's neat, but it'd be easier/cheaper just to use a bike mount and glance down at your map instead. I think I'll just go that route. :-)
    Yup! Having the iPhone attached to your head is the stupidest thing I've seen.

    Passer by: "oooh, free iPhone. Thank you very much... *swipe*".

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    I would be scared to put my phone on my hat like that...

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    what if you land on your head?.. then you are out an iphone..
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    haha so lame, just make a mount for the front of the bike and not worry about dropping it ant not noticing, cuz at least if you drop it while it's mounted in the front you'll see it fall.
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    Why on earth does it need to be attached to your helmet. Why can;t it just sit in a bikemount or in your pocket. The little eye thing seems neat but a helmet mount? WTF?
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    haha this seems like a joke right???
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    haha oh the japanese just think of everything dont they

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