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Thread: Google Sync - Now with PUSH GMAIL support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxdesmus View Post
    the push Gmail is horribly slow -- taking 1-2 minutes to notify of a new email. takes about 3-4 seconds to push the new email. Less than impressed.
    Ummm BETA?

    That being said, I can't even get mine to work. Won;t connect to my gmail account, or, well, it sat there thinking for 3 minutes before I said screw it!
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    I am getting cannot connect as well. Now it wont even sync my calendar or contacts. Server must be really overloaded I guess.

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    I keep getting "Connection to the server failed"

    And i followed the instructions fully!

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    This is awesome.

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    It might be if i could get it to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtybird1977 View Post

    I have multiple exchange accounts. Only allowing 1 really hinders me.
    I agree, this is the last "big" thing I've been waiting forever to see happen. (on Windows Mobile too before I turned into an iPhone lover)

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    My mailbox is thinking, but it is not downloading anything. I even have a new mail icon showing up, but my mailbox is blank...I followed the directions on google's website.

    Mail, Calendar, & Contacts Setup : Set Up Your iPhone or iPod Touch - Mobile Help


    I rebooted my phone and everything is showing time to test how fast the push is. I have the gmail push app on my phone and it's pretty instant. Let's see how the exchange setup compares to it.
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    Its quality but a crying shame it has to be done through Microsoft Exchange. I am already using Exchange for my work emails. I wonder if Google or Apple will make it so the Google Mail option works with push and syncing over air or better still give us the choice to have multiple Exchange accounts.

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    I am so thick, please someone explain this whole push thing, I downloaded GPush and it worked great till a couple of days ago now it won't do anything at all but it used to pop up on my screen when I had a new mail, is that what push is?

    Right now the mail just goes into the inbox as normal, I just don't see what its meant to do? Someone please give me an example?

    Thank you

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    Mine says: Exchange account verification failed.

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    Push is super slow... I'll stick with "PushMail".

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    I want proper Hotmail and Push support!!!

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    how long does it take for the push? i tried to do a test and it still has not come through

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    I want multiple account support also! I have calendars synced with one gmail account, I would love to sync my other gmail account for school. well i guess one thing at a time right? hopefully they add multiple account support soon.
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    Yeah this gmail push thingy is slow as hell. It took about 15 minutes to push it to my phone. I'll keep the gpush app on here since it alerts me instantly, then i can go in to mail and grab it if needed.

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    AT, hotmail is supported for POP.
    Hotmail is very crap, but it has free POP now :/

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    So Google is finally using Exchange? But you can only have one Exchange account set up, so Ill stick to my own server thanks.

    Hotmail is supported for POP3 - but that doesn't push.
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    No thanks!

    Pushmail works just fine for me

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    I've been waiting for this for so long!

    It won't even connect to the server for me though, hopefully they get this sorted out soon and it should be gold.

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    Default Sync with server??
    Does this push service still sync your messages on the server like the IMAP setup does? Because I checked an email on my phone and it still shows up as unread on my computer. So basically mine is not syncing right now but it could just be really slow like this new push service????

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