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Thread: G-Push Mail - Excellent Push Notification client for Gmail (GIVEAWAY INSIDE!)

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    G-Push Mail-

    I'm keen on checking this out. Let me know. Danke.

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    G-Push Mail- Neat

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    G-Push Mail - good review
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    just get pushmail, it works just as good, works with ANY email service and cheaper.

    and SCREW reoccurring sub fees!
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    If you think about it, $1.99/3 months (which equals about $8/year) is not that bad for push email. The developers have to run their own servers to make this work, so it's not free for them to keep sending you push notifications. Also, the price will likely drop in the future of the subscription.

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    Default G-Push Mail
    G-Push Mail I'll give it a try if I win...

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    G-Push Mail

    Great review!

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    G-Push Mail- looks awesome

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    Good review but I am very happy with GPush. I can open the browser and see my inbox. I like the $.99 app to use the push notifications and no monthly fee.

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    Default Saweet
    G-Push Mail- Good review. Love to try it.

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    G-Push Mail-

    Looks good, I've wanted a gmail push app, but just haven't wanted to spend the money. So, this is would work out great! I'm constantly checking my phone to see if I have new e-mail so this would be a nice app to have.
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    No thank you.

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    G-Push Mail- Sweet. The thing that stopped me from getting that last GMail push was still having to use mail app. Now that this thing has the web GUI built into it, I'm sold.

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    G-Push Mail- I currently use GPush so it would be interesting to see how this stacks up against it. The built in browser seems like a really slick feature.

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    Get pushmail... not limited to just Gmail and works perfect. This $1.99 for only 3 months is ********.

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    G-Push Mail- I really hope I win g-push it looks great.

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    G-Push Mail

    I hope I win

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    *Gosh* All u guys screaming to win this app.
    However, I just pay for it today and I can just say that it seem to be on a beta level still.
    Nothing works as it should yet. For example I can´t change any sound notification even if there are 9 different choices.
    So, the only sound working is the Default sound as use the "Voice mail" sound of some reason. *G-Gosh* instead *G-Push*.

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    G-Push Mail- having to pay every 3 months could be quite annoying, but i guess its only $2

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    "G-Push Mail-"

    Will this enable push notification for Google talk app? That is something i miss most in switching from Blackberry to iPhone.

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