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Thread: What Do Samsung's Plans mean for the App World?

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    Default Look forward it...
    Horray samsung!!!

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    muaddib, you do know, AS SOON as you said that, the thread was kaput... Why...WHY.

    Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
    Is this really news? I am sorry, but if I come to an Apple Forum, I want Apple news. GTFO with the Samsung stuff...does this affect the iphone? apple? ipod? Umm No.

    In the past week all I hear is Windows this, stupid apple fan boy that. What is going on here. Enough already with all of the "whose operating system is better". The truth is there are more Mac OSX users on here than Windows or Linux etc. This is after all an apple forum. Tell me, do you see anything about windows listed here:
    I'm sorry, but I'm sure if you put 2 and 2 together you'll find this pertains to Apple in some way. Telling a writer (an experienced one at that) to GTFO with <subject> is hardly appropriate behavior for someone with >1000 posts, is it?
    The last time cash checked, most of the visitors used Internet Explorer; an Internet browser for Windows.
    You are wrong.
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    ^You are absolutely correct. It was just one of those days....I woke up, went through my inbox, and every comment I read had something to do with Windows or OSX bashing. So I clicked on the first one, muaddib's comment, and put my foot down so to say.

    But you are right, this does pertain to us here and to the new writer, I apologize, keep up the good work
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