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Thread: Lost iPhone Prototype Ends in Suicide

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    Wow, see Apple, don't be so secretive or people die!
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    That really doesn't make any sense. I think it is a fake story. But let me remind you the moral story, it was just an accident. There was no fault of Sun. There was nothing to suicide. It might be sad but true.
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    "Jumped," my ***.

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    Man that sucks.
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    Lost iPhone Prototype Ends in Suicide . I thought that meant that the prototype self destructed after its dissapearance . There could be an app for that in the future .
    Sorry to hear about this kind of thing happening .

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    The first time I read this story (in the members posted news) I thought how sad it was.

    Now I think it's BS. All the stories are just repeating the same source, apart from the cnet story. It strikes me as a typical internet conspiracy - say something mad enough and it gets picked up by other people and spreads. It really does not ring true.

    I don't believe Apple have a working prototype of next years phone. I don't believe they would have 16 of them and I don't believe that if they did they would give them to one man to take out of the factory to distribute.

    If it is true then it is very sad and if he wasn't pushed physically then he certainly was mentally and it is a horrific indictment of corporate life today.

    But I really don't believe it's true.
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    Erm... sadness smh..

    Rest in peace Sun!

    Looks Like its true as well

    BBC NEWS | Business | China iPhone man commits suicide

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    People here are judging the companies all too harshly. If I beat someone up for stealing my iPhone and he then decided to kill himself would I be responsible for his death? Sure I would be a jerk for beating him up, but I don't feel I should somehow be blamed for his death. The bottom line is I don't think anyone on this forum knows enough to be pointing fingers at "corrupt industry" and the like. Do you REALLY think this was the outcome the company wanted? Doubtful...
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    This is sad. Maybe Apple shouldn't be so hard on there suppliers, their phone is not worth more than a single person's life. Apple tries to protect the secrecy of there products and it's absolutely ridiculous that someone gets killed in the process. Whether this happened at Foxconn or not Apple is at the top and drives this type of foolishness.

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    It is sad to say, but unfortunately when it comes to such a fast paced market, people are expendable
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    thats soo sad man what jerks to drive someone sooo mad to jump outta window

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windmeel View Post
    Lol, agreed. At least you aren't lambasting me? Take care.
    No of course not. No lambasting here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowtrainer02 View Post
    So, to Apple, this "prototype iPhone" is worth more to them than a life? I know Apple has rediculous, and I mean /REDICULOUS/ product control (as all of us jailbreakers know), but this is wayyyyyyyyy over the line. Sad, over a stupid iPhone. Does it really mean that much to Apple?
    What are you talking about??? You think Apple sent some of their hitmen over to China to have this guy knocked off? C'mon man. Everybody these days is always trying to blame someone else for their actions. Nobody takes responsibility for their own choices anymore. It's very sad. It's always somebody else's fault! Unreal.

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    If you read the story closely its even more sad. All the guy did was LOSE one of the phones he was allowed to have in his possession at his office. it doesn't say he stole or took 16 of them home. He simply misplaced or lost one at work. He reported the lost phone immediately to his company. AFTER he reported the lost phone they searched his house and came down hard on him. wow. what a shitty way to treat an honest employee. I mean really, if he was going to steal a phone why would he steal JUST ONE of the 16 he had at the office and then report it???? this is a case of a company over-reacting to a lost/misplaced prototype phone. I bet they'll feel realyl bad for tossing him out the window to protect their business contracts with Apple when they find that missing phone in some office desk somewhere. You know thats what happened. The company was afraid of losing their business with Apple so they nixed him. No guy is going to kill himself just because of a few threats from a company over a lost prototype. I don't buy that, they whacked him. A Chinese woman maybe (no offense ladies, but hell they almost cry when you pass them on the freeway or when they cut you off and you honk at them), but Chinese men are stronger than that. A man is killed over misplaced iphone prototype... SAD... There's no way in hell you'd ever catch me living in or traveling to China. This poor guy didn't have a choice. Even for americans or foreigners that place is f$#cked and dangerous. All it takes is one misstep and they'll have you locked up and throw away your passport. You couldnt pay me to go there or do business with them. Shitty enough we have to buy their products if you want an iphone or any number of thousands of items sold here because a zillion companies send all the jobs there to make a buck.
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    it makes me glad I live in the usa !!!! not that that could not happen here but less likley...

    my prayers for the man and his parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Gators View Post
    What are you talking about??? You think Apple sent some of their hitmen over to China to have this guy knocked off? ...
    No, of course not. Apple sent all of them. It was like that movie "Smokin' Aces".

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    Most of you are forgetting that this happened in China not Wyoming. The social and governmental ideals, stressors and involvment in everyday life are COMPLETELY diffrerent. Murder or suicide have some perspective on the situation. China is not a suburb in Florida, the "law" doesn't protect human rights and if it does a very small amount of money can make someones life VERY expendable
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by reeco View Post
    Dammm, maybe I should give the prototype back?.

    see if you could figure out why it gets so hot?

    in all seriouness, my heart goes out to him and his family

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    Quote Originally Posted by se23 View Post
    That's madness, that's when u know things r f****d when a phone means more than a persons well being
    This is really sad news. IMO Apple should take serious action - sue foxconn or compensate the family. If the allegations are true, this is rediculous for the sake of a phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksti View Post
    thats soo sad man what jerks to drive someone sooo mad to jump outta window

    The hands of Foxxconn's hitmen

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