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Thread: [PICS] Standing in Line for the iPhone 3GS

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    mmmmmm got mine i wuv it but im scared to hurt it its so gentle

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    looks exciting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by meda903 View Post
    mmmmmm got mine i wuv it but im scared to hurt it its so gentle
    Nice How big of a speed difference is there from the Original 3G? Is it mind blowing are just a decent upgrade from the original? I would think mind blowing since they doubled the RAM and uncapped the CPUs potential. There's still 67MHZ dangling out there though

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    All my photos from the line/purchase are on my twitter:

    Chase (billchase2) on Twitter
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    I passed Bestbuy on my way to the At&t store and there was noone in line there. I got to the At&t store at 646 and there was only 5 people in line, when the doors opened there was maybe 10 in line, I was home with my 3GS by 730, and it ROCKS... I'm in St Petersburg by the way.
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    this phone is not worth standing in line for two hours

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    I stopped by the AT&T store on my way to work at 8:10 not planning to get one was just seeing if anyone was there, No Line at all, walked right in and walked out with a new 3Gs! - Boynton Beach,FL

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    got mine by 830
    i love it

    Lakeland, FL

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    my building have UPS inside where is the dry cleaner why stay in line , like last Year ? :P:P

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    Quote Originally Posted by meda903 View Post
    mmmmmm got mine i wuv it but im scared to hurt it its so gentle
    ha ha ha its so true

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    Hey guys,

    I got MMS and Tethering done on my new 3GS AT&T USA

    same process as 3g though

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    the last two times, i did stand in line, but this time i forgot to set my clock so i got up so fuking late, 8:30. thought i couldnt have the chance to get i line so just stay home and see wats going on !! then i was like, damn it!!!!!!

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    October can't get here fast enough.

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    I dont need no stinkin line! Mine just got here!! 9:35 am eastern time!! Time to play!
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    man i went to the at&t store at 835am eastern, and there was no one in line. so i walked right in got a 32gb black, and im home at 920am! i did not have a pre-ordered either! Pittsburgh,pa (west mifflin)
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    i love that mall
    i live like 5 mnutes away

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    3GS has all my stuff on it now..

    all i need is jailbreak

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    Anyone know hoe it went here in the UK at the O2 stores?

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    Got a call last night from the store saying 7 am till 9am for preorders. I got there at 7:15 and there was 1 person in the store. A lady walked up just looking to upgrade and they let her in anyway since ther was noone there she had her phone in 15 minutes. I guess its where you are located as to the lines.

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    Same here! I live in New York City and my local store in Queens, NY (1 of the 5 boroughs/counties in NYC proper) had NO LINE and had about 7-10 salespeople waiting for customers. I walked in, purchased my upgrade, left in about 15 minutes! LOVE IT!!!!!

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