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Thread: How to Get an iPhone 3G S Tomorrow

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    What's Jailbreak? jaipee's Avatar
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    guys i know no one has the 3gs yet but im in australia and it comes out here on like the 26th or something.. when you guys get it can someone pleasee tell me if it can be jailbroken.. keep me posted! just pm me or something

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    left at 3:45 to get in line got here at about 4
    5th person in line so basically gaurunteed a phone
    the 1st 2 ppl camped overnight by themselves bc the store said a lot of ppl were.. lmao
    well ill keep u posted on how its goin here in lakeland FL

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    ATT screwed us. I dont think Im ever going to buy one. Ill wait for the next model.
    "Carpe iPhone"-"Seize the iPhone"-Steve's Roman Ancestors

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    i drove by the ATT near my house around 11pm PST. only 3 people in back of a SUV camping out. thats right.. no line at all. perhaps things might change since its 1:40am now. i'll wait days to get mine

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    Singapore's teleco, Singtel, doesn't allow you to purchase the phone on it own without and contract. They're really monopolising the market here. Now that most of the people have their iPhones here in Singapore, they're going to get very little fresh sales. Except for those who wants to do an early recontract to upgrade their phone to the 3G S. Other than that, little will come from fresh sales.

    A little bit of story from Singapore.

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    Sweet I'm number one in line. And 8 other ppl just showed up, good thing I skipped my wheateys =D

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone s4mb4's Avatar
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    im going to wave at everyone in line at AT&T while i drive to Sprint to buy a Pre.

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    Nooooooo first in like 2 hour wait. 5 min b4 preorders walk up ****

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    I preordered mine and its being shipped to my house but my 2g is still running like a champ.

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    Best Buy has a page up for them so I would say this is a good indicator.

    iPhone 3G - BestBuy

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone Bleeditout2130's Avatar
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    Got mine and it's syncing!

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    i got my 32gb 3Gs in white about 20 mins ago, BRING ON THE JAILBREAKING AND UNLOCKING

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    this phone is worth buying if u have the 3g. i'll wait for the next one

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone DarkDragonAn's Avatar
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    FedEx Just deliver my iPhone 3GS

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone sunshinejenn03's Avatar
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    I stood in line, I was in and out in 5 minutes and the 5th person in after pre-orders. I got to work an hour early since it was right around the corner from my office. Bought the 32gb in white.

    Synced everything already and I'm super happy.

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    lucky i have to wait until att ships mine, knew i shoulda preorder earlier, im to lazy to stand in line

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    Just phoned Fido customer service... they basically said - screw off you have an iphone 3G but if you want the new one $799 less $100 and your fido dollars.. I laughed and said your parent company 'rogers' said i can switch and get the new one for 299 and ride out the reminder of my contract!

    then fido offer me a month of free service... HA HA - these wanna be french are clueless

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    i went to best buy at 10 this morning, walked out by 1020 iphone in hand, they had 6 in, 4 were pre-ordered, they had 2 left, altho i wanted a white 32, settle for a black 32, nice and simple and quick, lucked out this year lol

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    Default iphone 3gs
    hello all. i arived at my local att store in modesto this am at 630.

    there were about a dozen folk on the side of non pre orders. i joined thier line. at 0700 hrs the store opened and by that time thier were 8 folks in the pr order line. the store took care of them real fast and brought in our line. it went smoothly i was in store at 0730.

    got to the counter . did my swap for the new one as i was in my 30 days for the 3g. payed my 28 bx and was sent on my way with a new shiney 16 gig black 3gs.


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    My wife is upgrading her 1G for a 3GS. We're headed to AT&T this evening after work. I'll keep my 3G for the time being.

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