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Thread: iPhone OS 3.0 Walk Through

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    Quote Originally Posted by zachmademeodd View Post
    Alright I really need some help right now. I had my iphone 3g jailbroken and it was great, had it said up just the way I wanted and I was using the third party app that allows you to make folders on your home screen. So I had a tools folder and a games folder on it at the time that I decided to update my phone to this 3.0. I had heard it wouldn't have an effect on my jailbroken apps.

    Well, I was clearly dead wrong since my iphone was wiped clean of all of my jailbroken apps and what not, along with the apps I downloaded from the app store. It also took with it my native calculator and stocks apps since they were in folders.

    So far i've restored twice and tried the back up but those apps are not coming back and also, since all of my app store applications were in my itunes i figured just by syncing again they would show up. It says the sync works and at the bottom bar in itunes it shows that those apps are being loaded and are taking up space on my iphone but they do not show up at all on my phone. But the apps that I didn't have in folders are showing up fine. Please, I just want my iphone to have all it's native apps back and for the apps I already had to show up again.
    I made this same mistake, leaving my status bar with a custom name rather than remembering to change it back. What I did was, go to Setting>General>Reset>Reset All Settings That took me back to normal. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

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    Just noticed this when a sms fails to send...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaguyll View Post
    Two things that you need to do to solve this problem.

    1. Throw your phone in the trash because you are an idiot who can't read or follow the simple instructions involved with being an iPhone owner or a reader of this website.
    2. Stand in traffic

    Thank you for making everyone who read your post a shade dumber.
    Be nice please...

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    I looked through and didn't see where anyone had posted about the battery percentage yet but on my 3GS phone if you click settings/general/usage when you get to the usage page it's the top thing to choose on the list. I don't know if it's the same on the 3G or 2G phones.

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    will tampering with the iphone and installing tethering thingy void my iphone if i update it later when a new update comes out? I have a 3g iphone and i installed it at first i got scared cause it said contact att for activation. but i reset my network and tried again and wahlah it works perfect i just dont want it do shut my phone off later on. anyone have any advice?

    everything works except the tethering but u can get around it by doing like the guy instructed at the beginin of this thread bro. if u get the contact att error. reset your network and try again thats what i did and it works pretty damn fast
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    i waited all this time for 3.0 for 2g and they don't even give me the mms feature? That was the only thing i was waiting for besides the landscape texting. this is ********.

    now i have to spend another $240 a year to buy a 3g when I don't even get 3g in my area. awesome apple.

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    edit: nevermind lol
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    There's a patch you can use on your 2G to enable MMS on 3.0.

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    Word I am very happy with this upgrade. What else lurks in Apples phone closet they r holding out on and waiting for next new phone.

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    Default mms with sms?
    I heard that mms is supposed to be intergrated into sms on 3.0.
    I have been using swirley all along and I read here that there is supposed to be a camera icon next to the text field in sms. Don't see it. I'm on a 2g, does that make a difference? And ATT. Or is swirley interfering maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by streetthrowback View Post
    hey i have a 3g iphone and i just updated the os to 3.0, how come the mms doesnt work???
    Hey I just found the answer
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    Quote Originally Posted by number johnny 5 View Post
    I heard that mms is supposed to be intergrated into sms on 3.0.
    I have been using swirley all along and I read here that there is supposed to be a camera icon next to the text field in sms. Don't see it. I'm on a 2g, does that make a difference? And ATT. Or is swirley interfering maybe?
    ok johnny first the 2g iphone isnt getting mms AT&T and apple said so, mms hasnt been released from AT&T on 3.0 yet they say at the end of the summer it will be, since ur already use to swirly stay use to it cause it or the other hack is the only way to get mms on the 2g iphone

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