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Thread: Order Unsubsidized iPhone 3GS By Hacking Apple Online Store & Get it Delivered

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    has anybody try it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1994augusto View Post
    has anybody try it?
    Yes and it works fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoTelefonoTresG View Post
    The point of this is... for example,
    I am an AT&T Retailer Employee.
    My emp line cannot go under contract, and cannot have an iphone on it.

    If I walk in to the AT&T store to order an iPhone @ no commit pricing, they will tell me my acct is not eligible for the iphone data plan, so they cannot add it.

    My options are... A. open an acct w/ AT&T and cancel it after the 30 days. or B. Hack the Apple store for a no commit iphone that does not HAVE to go onto an acct... and therefore, safe for my acct. (to an extent.. they still know I am using an iphone.. they just cant prove it cause its not the serial ## on my acct).
    You worked for AT&T yet don't know the simplest thing about GSM phones? They can see which phone you're using by the IMEI of the phone using your SIM Card. Hell, you can see this working by switching phones then logging into my AT&T Wiresless account, the "my device" updates to whatever phone you used last based on your IMEI.

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    For those that ordered using this process did you checkout using your current iTunes account login or did you create a new account?
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    $2000 on eBay?? Haha Guess there are 2 or 3 fools out there - but listing price and actual sale price are completely different.

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    Gizmodo - AT&T's iPhone 3GS Pre-Orders Already Sold Out - Iphone 3gs sold out

    Pre-orders sold out? Will that apply to this Apple Store hack? I'd like to keep ordering them and selling on ebay for profit. Ohnos!

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    This method seems to work but I can't justify $700 for a new phone. Good things come to those who wait, and my 16gig 3g runs like a charm and after all we do know there's a 2010 version coming. Would be singing a different tune though if I could get the subsidized pricing.

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    so i think i'm having my mind set on getting this new phone even though it's probably not such a great idea with unsubsidized pricing but i'm thinking that... i can just put in my current simcard if i pre-order through the online hack right? and then keep my current 2 year contract continuing so that when the 2010 version comes out i can just get the subsidized price?
    I installed the firefox bug but i CANNOT find where it says "add cart."
    Can anyone help me?

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    I just tried this and it worked -placed my order for a black 16GB iPhone 3G S. I haven't gotten my order confirmation from Apple yet, though, so I'm a little worried that it won't go through...

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    any change since it's not going to at&t it will work with the first sim i insert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loco69 View Post
    any change since it's not going to at&t it will work with the first sim i insert?
    It won't work with any SIM except an AT&T one!
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    So I need some help verifying what I have found out.

    I dont have att iphone service. But I didnt buy a Att prepaid sim card so that I can get my iphone serviced at an apple store.

    Well I decided to go to and try to put my att phone number in to see if I could get a phone.

    Well I got a error message but at the end got to confirm my order for a 32GB iPhone 3G S.

    Couple hours later I got am email ( pic attached) saying I will have an iphone waiting for me at the store i picked on the 19th.
    ????: iTalk iPhone [ame=]iPhone 3G Order New Loophole - iTalk iPhone[/ame]

    Can anyone confirm that if I go in on the 19th I will be able to get the phone?

    The research I did was to call apple retail stores, they said just bring ID and a credit card to pay for the phone and I could take the phone home.

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    hmmm 599$ for a 16gb 3gs doesnt seem like unsubsidized to me...

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    Unsubsidies in the UK costs $723 - incl taxes.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    too expensive!!

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    I'm guessing its going to cost more than $1000 here in Singapore.

    My life is miserable! ):

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    Well i Ordered Mine! I hope Apple wont take any action against all those people who've ordered this way! :P as it was a hack! Anyways lets wait till 19th!

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    Got a UPS tracking number and shipment notice from Apple this morning. :thumbup:

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    me too! UPS baby

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