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Thread: Pwnage - Custom Modded Firmware through iTunes

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    so why is this better than using ziphone, sorrrry for the very dumb noob question... i kind of understood what this does but doesnt ziphone do the same exact thing wats the CATCH why every1 Excited lool ???
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    you just do something to your ipod touch and than with modded firmware through itunes it works? because im on 1.1.2 and updating via ziphone isnt working because of "minor maior"
    does it work with ipod 16gb?

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    im so very confused

    With these tools will it be possible to make a screen shot per say of everything that is on our iPhone?

    So our ipsw file will contain apps mods etc that we did... OR will we need to modify a stock ipsw file.

    i think it would be awesome if they could make a custom ipsw out of what was on our iPhone, so that way we could all have sort of a "restore" ipsw

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    This is great, I'll finally be able to install Cydia Packager without having to have Nullriver Installer.

    The possibilities are amazing!
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    Is there any chance of bricking your phone with this method as Ziphone even tells you that there is a chance that you may brick your phone with Ziphone if you dont know exactly what you are doing.

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    welcome, monsterpacks!

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    Very cool! I seriously can't wait to start modding some firmware!

    And to answer the question about a 'patch' so that everything is legal: We just don't know yet. First we must see what the dev team is offering in terms of custom firmware creation/editing. In the motorola world, one could create a firmware file with only certain parts such as Language or Bootscreen.
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    Waiting Here for earlier release..

    Keep it up!
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    Wow - thats amazing.

    They've released so much information that Apple is bound to path that vulnerability soon.

    But thats ok - coz they'll pwn it again.

    Does this unlock the phone too?
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    this is sweet, i cant wait

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    please excuse my lack of knowledge, but I have just been reading "what is Pwnage?" and it says
    ""Pwnage is based on an exploit found in the lower levels of the iPhone/iTouch bootloader.""
    does that mean that we are (once released) untouchable by apple?
    What I mean is, the fact that it is in the bootloader and not hacking the firmware after its installed mean that no matter which version of firmware we restore to it will still work?

    Will apple be able to patch the vulnerability with firmware updates or will they only be able to protect it in a new release of the iphone from the factory? Meaning that "we" have won the battle with current models?

    hope that makes sense...

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    Wow this sounds so cool... Let me ask you all this... I have an unlocked phone that I had paid a guy 70 dollars to do for me and its unlocked on 1.1.2. but I am hoping to get the latest updates. I had put an ad on craigs list for someone to teach me to do all this on my own but everyone is being gypsys and trying to charge me and arm and a leg... is there anyone here that would not mind helping me out? maybe over the phone and walking me thru it? Odd req I know

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    I bow down to the Dev-Team. Thats freaking sweet. Congrats Dev-Team!

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    What is the difference between
    iplus and ipwn?

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    If i helped hit Thanks!

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    now im torn, update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 using ziphone or wait from the dev team to release this.
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    Damn! that is some sic ****,it's a bit over my head but I get the jist of it cnt wait to test it out, I honestly wonder what next will these guys come up with, DEV TEAM bigup!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flatbeats View Post
    now im torn, update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 using ziphone or wait from the dev team to release this.
    Y not both? it's not a big chore to upgrade these days
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    Sweet!!! Maybe this will open up a whole new gateway to customized firmware like the psp scene.

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    Capttanhowdy, If you want to update to the latest software you can and then you can just download ZiPhone 2.5 from and unzip the contents and run ZiPhone while you have iTunes running then make sure your iPhone is turned off and then hold the home button while connecting the phone to the iPhone dock and continue holding it until iTunes detects the phone in restore mode then just tick the options that you want to run on ZiPhone and start, its that easy.

    I have run this on a OTB 1.1.2 upgraded to 1.1.4 and it worked fine for me.

    Although you need to stick to the right way to do this otherwise there is a possibility that you could brick your phone but ZiPhone tells you this in the program but stick to this method and you'll be fine.

    There are lots of video tutorials on this subject if you want by just searching youtube or just check out

    Hope you get what you need.

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    Sweet Action

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