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Thread: iPhone 3.0 Announced and Detailed. Everything you wanted except Flash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoskittUtd View Post
    So are you saying yes i need to jailbreak it again?


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    what lame excuse did they use for not enablimg mms and a2dp on the 1st gen aphone ? ...

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    On a follow up to if the new 3.0 API will allow dev's to create video recording apps.............

    “This API is for playing video, not for recording.”

    Will the new iPhone 3.0 OS/SDK video API let qik be released in the normal Apple appstore this Summer 2009?

    Good things Jailbreak 3.0 is ready to go though!

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    What do you think the hold up is with getting a Flash plugin? Someone was mentioning me to me that it is an Adobe licensing issue.

    Does anyone know if 3.0 has anything similar to NemusSync?

    This app is the main reason I jailbreak my iPhone. Its quality. I use Google's outlook sync app to sync my work calender from Outlook to Google calender and then I use NemusSync to sync my Google calender to my iPhone's calender. It also pushes calenders I put in my iPhone's calender to my Google calender.

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    You can go back to 2.2 after you upgrade to 3.0, I did it twice last night.

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    I got a g1 for christmas and really dont like it and was looking at blackberrys
    I had the iphone before i got the g1 and my dad never canceled the account for at&t
    3.0 makes me want the iphone back
    I have a ipod touch 2g
    Should i keep the g1 , go back to the iphone, or get a blackberry
    I know the iphones the best choice but i have a ipod touch!
    iPod Touch 2G jailbroken (untethered)
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    iMac 2GB ram 2.6 GHz
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrblader View Post
    F-YOU, contributed the least................ GIVE ME A BREAK. let me refresh your memory that WE spent three times as much on our phones as YOU 3g people did.


    why dont you get your head out of your a55 and realize WE are the ones who pushed this market to where it is...........
    so what? I bought 4 of them for 600 dollars and 4 more when they came out with the 3g, prices drop thats life.
    I bought a new 2000 cadillac sts for 51k, now its worth 9 whats your point?

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    I heard somewhere that the Bluetooth chip in the 2G and 3G is different.. =X The whole MMS thing is probably since the 2G can only use EDGE which would take ferever to download an MMS =\ But still, even the crap phones have MMS

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    the ipod touch 1g again out of this upgrade
    why apple doesn't want see us happy T-T

    the peer to peer is only via bluetooth i does not have money to buy a new itouch or iphone and i think the situation is to hard for to buy a new device in this world

    ok see you and thanks

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    I'm so happy I think I am seriously going to cry. I'm not even joking.
    Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
    LOL! DOesnt everyone know that only real women know how to handle a stick?
    Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post
    As long as Miguel can blow...he's straight.
    Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
    I dread that first dusting of the white stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    ready for a romp buddy? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    I'm confused is this new stuff only for a new iphone coming out or will the iphone I have now get a firmware update that will allow all these changes?? I have a 3G

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    but have these guys got SMS fwd and Contact FWD??? are they ever going to do it..??

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    Quote Originally Posted by lillewis51 View Post
    ok this is a really stupid question but now that mms is incorperated into the phone will we have to get a seperate mms plan?
    no. a "message package" includes all messages. txt, pic, im, and video

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    A kick in the balls for 2G users no mms that sucks, and why no real Bluetooth support I could have this back in 2003(or maybe earlier) on a old Nokia 6310i/other

    I have an old sony ericsson that's on 2g thats mms capable, WTF apple!!!

    some of the new features should have been included from the beginning eg: MMS, Copy and Paste. Full bluetooth connectivity should have been there from the beginning as well

    Quote Originally Posted by xxhorseriderxxx View Post
    I heard somewhere that the Bluetooth chip in the 2G and 3G is different.. =X The whole MMS thing is probably since the 2G can only use EDGE which would take forever to download an MMS = But still, even the crap phones have MMS
    I have SwirlyMMS and have no issues downloading a pic. though video and audio could cause issues.

    I don't understand why we don't have flash I thought that youtube was exactly that: flash video. am I wrong?. This may be a newb question!!!!!

    (leave out vital features and Hacking will occur), rod for your own back comes to mind. Ah well long live the iPhone dev team and other hackers!!!
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    **EDIT CPJR- No profanity.**
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    Great, but when is the new 3g Iphone being released?

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    I smell April Fool's joke!!!

    Remember I said it here, folks!

    aprilfools !!

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    soooo now physical changes?
    1.1.3 JAIlbrken

    ATT locked

    Summerboard help

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    Default better cam
    all i want is a better camera ... min 3.2M

    how come they dont do that

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    i guess apple is forcing 2G users to upgrade to atleast 3G...

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