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Thread: iPhone OS 3.0 - MMS, Copy/Paste, Turn-by-Turn, and much more Summer '09

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    Quote Originally Posted by headlesslizard View Post
    And you wonder why turn by turn apps weren't allowed in the appstore...
    They're coming now with this. Sygic already made a press announcement today

    Sygic GPS navigation // News // CeBIT

    The catch (which Sygic got covered) is that for turn-by-turn you need to use your own map data, can't use Google.

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    Well at least they can release it now.

    Music library access, awesome, that means dtunes can sync its music with it right? That would be good.

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    Not exactly. Means you can use ipod music in other apps.

    Aka Alarms, music within a game / other apps.

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    I thought it was too good to be true. But at least in games we can have custom music.

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    Using EA to show how microtransactions within a game work, hahahahahahhaa.

    Also, they just showed a use of iPod library access "The sims can turn the radio and listen to your music"

    EDIT: Oh God they could possibly make Audiosurf for the iPhone now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
    Except MacRumors lawl.
    They got 4chan'd up so bad...
    [/LEFT][QUOTE]Microsoft owns the internet through Hotmail. The .HTML is short for Hotmail, so all .HTML files are MS files.[/QUOTE][URL=""][SIZE=2][COLOR=Cyan][I][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]

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    everyone does realize that they are showing it off now but we won't get it for about another 3 months? Live video here
    Qik | samlevin's Qik Video March 17, 2009

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    Makes you want to get diabetes doesn't it?
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    Copy/Paste confirmed and this is the START of the consumer (us) part.

    Copy/Paste Demo is flight info for Oceanic Flight 815

    Oh God
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    I am in love with the ESPN app already! Finally, we get something like Verizon has been getting for a while! And now on to copy and paste. Also, thanks for the video feed...

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    Could it be? Could it really be?

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    It looks like MMS is coming!!

    Minor, but being able to email more than one picture at a time is great...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
    It looks like MMS is coming!!

    Minor, but being able to email more than one picture at a time is great...
    Please! Let it be so...then all the crying can finally come to an end.

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    MMS confirmed, people can stop crying at night.

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    Landscape everywhere and MMS!!!!!!

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    Apple is finally adding texting features that have been added through jailbreaking for ages. Fowarding, individual message deleting. MMS sends pictures and audio, but so far no mention of video, not surprised because video isnt an official app...

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    I honestly think video isn't worth it because of how weak the camera is.

    And SEARCH in mail, calendar, ipod yes yes yes yes

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    Spotlight (searches EVERYTHING).

    Welp, do we even need to jailbreak anymore?

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    Wow they are really unloading

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