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Thread: Apple Officially Claims Jailbreaking Illegal

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    From the complaint filed by Apple:

    "Currently, Apple’s support department
    receives literally millions of reported instances of problems flowing from jailbroken phones.
    Apple’s support costs would be increased substantially as the exemption encourages thousands
    of additional users to jailbreak their phones."

    Apple seems to be admitting to millions of jailbroken iPhones!

    Most of us, jailbreaking, look to Apple to be the last source we would ever seek.
    Hopefully, those that decide to take the route of jailbreaking understand they have taken Apple out of the loop of the support cycle.

    I am a bit mystified that those who do go the route of enhancing their iPhones and augment them with applications not deemed "worthy" of the App Store would EVER call Apple for support after they screwed up their iPhone!

    Maybe it will take a type of disclaimer that must be agreed to by anyone accessing pwn, or any derivative thereof, to absolve Apple of any culpability in the performance of their device.

    But, that just opens up the opportunity for Apple to subversively install D-Day type software.

    I hope EFF is successful and can continue this stance against the idiocy that Apples lawyers espouse!

    Additionally, the complaint by the Apple attorneys stated:
    "It will potentially open up the iPhone to security
    holes and malware, as well as possible physical damage."

    The only physical damage that would occur is the owner throwing the iPhone against a wall because Apple is too stupid, or ignorant, to actually produce a smart phone operating system in its entirety and left so much out that SOMEONE had to take up the slack!
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    So they waited this long because they wanted to make sure their phone had become successful. Jailbreaking helped give birth to the appstore. There is no longer a use for jailbreaking (in Apple's eyes) so it is time to get rid of it. Who would have thought of anything less from this company? This reminds me of the idiot who said something like "it's about time Apple had a Monopoly" in a post about OSX being used on PCs. Yeah, they are showing their love for their customers with this one...

    Quote Originally Posted by ultimatexpka View Post
    were boosting their sales, if apple never had jailbreak to begin with, they would fail as a company
    For the most part your statements are valid. This one, however, is false. hey would neither fail as a company NOR with iPhone sales. Sure, sales would be less than what they are now, but there is a difference between failure and lower profit.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    If I am not jailbreaking, I wouldn't buy iphone. For me it is worthless without JB...
    These things increase my hatred against apple and their pricey products.

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    I would just like to make a point.
    All thye people that say 'I paid for the iPhone so I can do what I like with it' - I agree -BUT and it's a fairly big but, what they are saying is that in order to jailbrake you have to 'adapt' their software. if you were installing something completely different they wouldn't have a leg to stand on but software is cobered by EULAs and you are not allowed to change it in any way (unless I am very much mistaken).

    Microsoft tacitly allow their ROMs to be hacked (see but cracked down hard (and rightly so) when people started hacking software they actually sell. MS know (obviously) that people are hacking their ROMs and will step in only when people step over the line .

    Maybe Apple should learn from MS?

    Whilst Apple might be able to argue a case, I don't think they would win and they shouldn't even try and alienate their userbase. If they did take this any further I believe they would lose a lot more than they gain.

    Give us a (jail)brake Apple!
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    I love the car analogy in the article. Great point.
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    Screw apple!!!!!

    Jailbreak away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs down Apple $ucks bigtime and this proves it
    Oh Apple, have a cry why dont ya.
    So you are upset that they jailbreaked the phone and you cant stop it. Your fault for locking it up so tight in the first place. If your phone was like all the others phones on the market then there would be no need to jailbreak it whould there?

    If you release a firmware that unleashes the FULL potential of the phone then I doubt anyone will jailbreak it.

    As you lock it up and refuse us to use it the way we want then its just your bad luck. We will continue to jailbreak our phones and there is nothing you can do about it. Its not illegal as look at my situation. I have a first gen iphone in Aus. As I cant use it here without jailbraking it your sh!t out of luck at stopping me from jailbreaking it.

    If in the next firmware it lets me use the phone with my local sim card then maybe I might think about not jailbreaking it but as all the cool features come from cydia and needs to be jailbreaked you dont give me a choice.

    So, is jailbreaking the iphone illegal? NO, Apple is illegal for making up all these crap rules that the phone comes with that nobody reads.

    SO, to end my post, Apple... you suck and will always suck until you realise people are different, not all of us are just like you and not all of us want to be a clone of you.
    To all the Apple/Jobs clones, get a life.

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    It wasn't that long ago when Steve Wozniak even said on BBC's Click, that the jailbreak scene was amazing and that people coming up with their own designed and patches for the iPhone though Jailbreaking.
    He was praising the good work done in the Jailbreaking scene but at the same time concerned about the security of the iPhone. Which is understandable. But if you take care you wont come to harm.

    Next Apple will be saying I can run other software but theirs on my Mac.

    It's bull crap. They're jealous cause people can do more with the phone outside of their walled garden.
    But I'm a grown up, and I chose to walk out the gate each and everytime into the bigger world of the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbplayer5 View Post
    This is like saying changing the dock in OSX is illegal. Apple isnt really too smart when it comes to consumers. When the industry catches up with them, this will come back to haunt them.
    hah.. agree 100%. apple isn't too smart period and spend half their time fighting against the ideas of the people they supposedly serve, which is why as a company, i hate them. i'd love to see iphone be the top-selling phone in the industry if they COULDN'T be jailbroken. everyone would have told them to f*** off and waited for Android.

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    Excuse me APPLE,

    It my iphone, not your iphone.

    I paid for my iphone, I do what I like, It my property now, I
    can even dump it away if I don't like it.
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    If the iPhone couldn't be "hacked" (jailbroken and/or unlocked) I doubt that the device would be as popular as it is. Most of the apps in the app store were at one time on Installer or Cydia. Both Sony and Microsoft made an attempt to regulate "Mods" made to their game systems. In the end they just had to offer something better.

    If you don't want me to Jailbreak... give me a reason not to.

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    Well-put Chubbawokee, I couldn't agree more.

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    Microsoft tried to do this years ago.

    (this is again going to show my age in all of this)

    Back before you could build your own system, computer shops like Newegg, and Tigerdirect were very far and few between. You either had to be in college or have some money because things were not cheap.

    So the average person really didn't think about popping open their PC and tinkering. Some people did, and they contributed to a long line of "Homebrew" users.

    When Micro-soft started gaining popularity, and really becoming a house hold name, Bill Gates (or Balmer or one of those guys) said that computer users had "No Business" cracking open their machines to mod and hack. The thinking was going along the lines of "well, we gave you everything you need, and if something goes wrong you should just take it to us" type of deal.

    Like getting your Ford serviced at the Ford Dealership as opposed to your local mechanic.

    The irony to this argument, is that Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Kevin Mitnick etc (well maybe not so much Jobs as he's more a Salesman with delusions of Godhood), All got their start by hacking and homebrew.

    Making Blueboxes, cracking open altairs, modding and hacking and tweaking and "homebrew".

    And now all of them are multibillionaires who understand perfectly what everyone is doing, and have a beef about it.

    The thing is, is that Apple is "Claiming" that it is illegal. Who honestly cares? That would be like me coming up to some random person on the street and telling them that their shirt is an illegal shade of blue for the sole purpose that I don't like it.

    Until it goes to court, until it is tried in a jury, Apple can want all they want.

    The question is, is that when Apple comes knocking on MMi's door to say shutdown or be sued, are you guys going to stand or are you going to cower?

    If you stand then Apple will have no choice but to prove their case, and if you cower then Apple will have done nothing more then paid a hundred dollars to some lawyer to write up a nice PDF file.

    They would win without a fight, and they would win without proving a thing, or without having the backing of the law. Just an unfounded interpretation
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    Seriously, who cares if it is or is not illegal? Smoking marijuanna is illeagal also. That's sure as heck not stopping me from smoking it. If jailbreaking really IS illeagal, that won't stop me from jailbreaking either. I guess you can say I'm a "criminal"..

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    one more thought.

    And I kinda brushed upon this in another post. Historically whenever I bought a mobile device, I always looked at "what could I do with it". Trying to figure out programmer access stuff, changing ringtones when you weren't even supposed to be able to. Stuff like that.

    My Nokia was "eh", and I eventually found a workaround to do some stuff. My Ericcson was the same way. My HTC Wizard was kinda fun to kick around, and of course my Moto L6 was just cool (thanks to M3). Eventually I started to look for devices that had a large community of hackers and modders because the larger the community the larger the support base of people who could pontentially help me fix something or change something if things went bad.

    I was one of the first people to join this forum when it launched cause I was hangin out at M3, it wasn't until the 3g phone came that I decided to purchase it. And my purchasing decision was based on quality and mod-a-bility. Fortunately by that time the community had grown so much that I felt confident that if I wanted to do something, some intelligent person would have come up with a way to do it, and also if something went wrong, I could rely on you guys to save me!

    So because of the vast community of modders and jailbreakers, Apple got my 200 dollars.


    well, it is stopping Micheal Phelps right now 8^|

    I'm gonna go along the theory that it's like them copyrighting the dock. It's better for them to have the ammunition in storage gathering dust, even in peace time, cause maybe, just maybe someone might decide to piss you off enough to where you feel it necessary to lob a bomb.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2SiCk View Post
    The only reason apple has a problem with it is because your stealing apps from the private websites. Stealing obviously is illegal so that's why they're so fussy about it.
    Dude, what is is with these first time posters of people who join just to make a @$$ of themselves.

    First off, this argument has almost nothing to do with software piracy. But since you brought it up, let's talk about it.

    Yes, buy Jailbreaking your phone, you can do certain things that will allow you to install cracked apps. Okay fine, there it is, I said it. You will always always always have crackers out there. And there isn't one legal action that any corporation can ever do or any law enacted that will stop it.

    It's like killing a religion. You can only do it by committing mass genocide and wiping out the entire population.

    So can I install cracked apps? Yes, yes I can.

    But you know what? I also have a Miata, that can go well over the speed limit too! And I also have a gun that could potentially be used to harm innocent people. Does that mean I am going on a shooting rampage? Of course not.

    Does that mean that every single time I put my foot on the gas I am going to attempt to blow the doors off of every car I pass? No of course not.

    Does that mean that as soon as I jailbreak my iPhone I am going to run over that place that EVERYone knows about and install cracked apps? NO OF COURSE NOT. Personally speaking, the main reason I Jailbroke was because I wanted to add functionality to my phone. I felt that it was lacking in certain areas.

    I also really hated the sounds so God forbid I did the most illegal thing I could possibly do, and I downloaded Linux Multimedia Studio, and WROTE my OWN tones. As in Creative Commons, Copyleft whatever you want to call it TONES. I WROTE IT. ME ME ME. NOT SAMPLED NOT ANYTHING. I WROTE THEM.

    Apples initial answer to my ringtone that I WROTE was that it didn't have a DRM license. Well screw you Apple, I am the copyright holder, and I really don't want Soulja Boy as my ringtone, I made my own, that I made with free GNU software.

    Who the Hell are you to tell me otherwise?

    Your argument is just as stupid and absurd as telling me that bittorrents are illegal because I can use them to download movies and music.

    Yeah, I can do that, and you know what People like Trent Reznor and Radiohead fully support that you do it! And oh yeah by the way, I can also download Linux Distro's which are FREE OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEMS THAT ARE FREELY AVAILABLE for people to use however the hell they want to.

    So yea, I can Jailbreak my phone, and yeah, I can install cracked apps, but the majority of people out there just want to change a few things around and tweak and mod and add functionality that Apple and the App Store have failed at providing, like CopyPasta, and voice Navigation, and a few being able to change the sounds, and and and.

    So please before you open up your mouth and say something as retarded and stupid as the SOLE purpose of Jailbreaking is to install cracked apps, I want you to sell your car because you could potentially get into an accident and kill someone, or you could potentially have a moment of insanity and drive through a crowd of school children waiting for a bus.

    When will people like you get it through your thick skulls, that like anything else in life, what matters most is the choices that you make with what you have, and that you can make good choices, and you can make bad choices.

    And one more thing @$$#0|3, I even if I wanted to "steal" a cracked app, heres a little video clip of the very person you are defending:

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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    I got a Question maybe one of you smarter people can answer for me. I just downloaded (im on windows so i cant create my own ipsw no more from the dropped ball by the guys at winpwn)and restored with a custom pwned 2.2.1 ipsw as not to upgrade my baseband on my 3g (2.2.1 with 02.28.00 baseband.) I plugged into itunes to put some music on my iphone and i get a message saying --------" An update to the carrier settings is available. would you like to download it" ----------Is this a prompt to update my baseband? As a rule of thumb i just try to stay away from any apple updates or upgrades. Is apple being sneaky and want to make sure all basebands are updated now? Are they gonna get even sneakier one day and throw in an upgrade to update all the old basebands without any propmts for download or upgrade just to make sure everyone is running the new basebands? I hope not. Maybe im just being paranoid?

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    Personally, I think they say jailbreaking is illegal for one thing only- Cracked Apps. That is prolly pissing off a lot of developers, and possibly why some big names companies aren't producing as much as they can. Some apps in the App Store truly can make the iPhone and iPod Touch the 'ultimate gaming device', but with the crackers they don't want to develop since they won't get the same pay day.

    I know that of the iPhone and iPod Touch community around me, a whole heck of a lot of them jailbreak just for the cracked apps. I think cracked apps are wrong, but I also think that Apple should require a demo version. Like a 2-week trial of the full version of an App, and then let us make the decision to purchase said app from the App Store.

    Just my two cents.

    Winterboard + SBSettings + Copy/Paste + MMS FTW.

    Cracked Apps FTL

    EDIT- To above user boe_dye, before you tear me apart, yes I realize that you can do good and bad with the same thing. Apple just wants to protect developers. Yes, they should know that by creating an app it CAN be cracked. Yes, I know a lot of people want the added functions of theming, of self-made ringtones, of voice navigation. Yes, we have the ABILITY to crack apps. Like I have the ability to download Photoshop for free. It's the choices you make, as you said. But more and more people are making the choice to steal from developers. I think that's wrong, but I also know not everyone is doing it.

    I jailbroke simply for theming. And the NES emulator back in 1.1 days with my iPod Touch. I know a lot of people on here made that choice too. But now, people know you can crack apps. That is, in my opinion, why Apple now claims jailbreaking as illegal.

    It only takes a few to ruin it for the rest of us. And now Apple is trying to ruin it for the rest of us with an ounce of morality.
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    iPhone 4- I'll start theming again

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    No "JAILBREAKING" equal no "IPHONE" equal no "APPLE"

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    i love my iPhone and i love Apple. As for the accusation of "Jailbreaking being illegal". You should take that up with my attorney. :-)

    and as my MODMYI status says.... iPhone? More like my phone.
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    this goes for apple

    you can not kill what you did not created!

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