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Thread: Palm Pre: Competition for the iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gQstatus05 View Post
    The applications you download, you can always change permissions to fix that. I never had apps crash on me frequently. All my previous phones have been windows mobile. This is my first change.
    Agreed, I've never had problems with it crashing either. Certain apps crash when pushing them too hard (Safari), but nothing I've used has crashed the iPhone.

    Same here, I started using Windows Mobile when MS came out with Pocket PC 2000 (iPaq, Toshiba Pocket PC, then the Dash), and 8 years later switched to iPhone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gQstatus05 View Post
    The applications you download, you can always change permissions to fix that. I never had apps crash on me frequently. All my previous phones have been windows mobile. This is my first change.
    Thanks tips I did not know that! That only might fix an application that doesn't run at all, not crashes. And if you have 3 websites open in Safari and it crashes it's still great right, cuz it's an Apple product right?!!

    To that guy that wants a list of advantages of Pre over iPhone, you can add faster CPU to that list. Drag and drop music upload is gonna be so sweet too.

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    This is a very slick phone without a doubt, but calling a phone an iPhone killer is almost a curse. The only time the iPhone will ever have some serious competition is if a company can have an all touchscreen phone (not the click version like the Blackberry Storm), and have a very nice operating system to boot. Palm's OS looks pretty nice, but not enough to compete with the iPhone's...

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    funny when apple fan boys try to defend the iphone with "u can get around that with a fix" line. i mean come'on we are not suppose to be doing that in the first place.

    my point is just simple..hell yeah iphone had its time...when it came out we wet our pants out. but after a couple of years, it sure got a little older,slower, and starting to be a pain in the a**.here comes a new device one that is setting the bar a little higher than what apple can sure top it anytime they wish to, but for know palm pre owns the iphone.
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    The pre's weakness is Sprint. But it makes sense because they don't have a big name phone. Verizon has the Storm, at&t has iPhone, and T-mo has the G1. I think Palm's new OS is an evolution of the iPhone OSX. The multi-tasking is awesome, and the way move around the OS is brilliant.

    It does look rather pudgy, but if this comes out for either Verizon or at&t later on, I might just pick it up.

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    I'm astounded at the amount of people on this forum that are such Apple lemmings. I figured we were here because we liked the iphone, not because we were apple sackriders.

    • apple didn't invent EVERYTHING
    • a dedicated, slide-out keyboard means less keyboard glitches (FW2.0 anyone?)
    • an icon dock is NOT solely iphone
    • the iPhone CANNOT switch from application to application like this phone did (backgrounder keeps it running but still doesn't let you switch)

    Let's be honest, the iPhone is **** if it's not jailbroken. It's an MP3 player with a second-rate phone app attached. The major selling point is the browser. Let's simply look at these competitors as something apple needs right now, a rival. If apple sees their market share is in jeopardy then they'll hopefully do something about it. Give us more features, the ones we've been asking for.

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    I've used a Treo 650 for 3 years and the only big reason to switch to an iPhone came from better web interface and Wifi switching. I miss some apps from my old Palm, heck i have it around cause i have stuff on the memory stick. But I still like the bigger screen on my iPhone and use it more for video watching when i get bored at work. With the Pre and with the phones of the past "iPhone killers" and the future ones. Its good to see what other people come up with. Hopefully it will spur things going in getting more things implemented on the iPhone.

    Everything has a mine is better thing. Who cares. No one is alike. If they were it would be boring... Ford/Chevy, Windows/Mac, Apples/Oranges. variety is the spice of life. Be lucky you can argue over one pricey phone vs another. And not having to figure out where your next meal is coming from or if a bridge is going to be warm enough to sleep under.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    You guys are all hilarious! WTF kind of response do you expect from an iPhone/Mac enthusiast website?! There are over 350,000 members and countless other guest that have dropped hundreds on their iPhone and probably THOUSANDS of dollars in cumulative iPod purchases. To expect anything other than non-iphone bashing would just be foolish. And then to get MAD at people for it on an APPLE themed website is just plain ludicrous.
    This is the BEST post so far on this thread. +1

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    heard that before

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    How boring will a phone be if you can't modify it to your liking. The Pre may look cool to you guys but I guarantee that it will become boring after about a week of using it. It'll just be another phone. With the iPhone there's something new to F with everyday. I never get bored with it and I've owned it since it released.

    This phone will be all hype until it releases and then everyone will forget about it, it'll be another phone. Let's see if that phone can control your entertainment system, play an ocarina, play a guitar, piano.

    Let's see if developers will come up with a lot of inovative things for it. You're limited with the cases you can put on the Pree being that it's a slider. The keyboard looks like the buttons are hard, camera has like a 3 second delay (reminds me of the TYTN II), look at the youtube video. Dude has to press like the menu key like 3 times for it to open up because it doesn't respond to his silky soft fingers. Can't wait until the next iPhone.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.

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    i kinda like it. The best part in my mind is..... its not apple. Theres actually turn by turn and apple wont lock down the device from the good stuff..... ah

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    Based upon looks, this isn't very attractive to me at all. The reason it is getting so much hate here is due to the fact that it's not very original looking to say the least. The first iPhone garnered so much praise from everyone because it was truly the first real all touch screen phone(don't care about the prada). This phone would look MUCH better with a landscape style keyboard instead. However at no fault to Palm, it's going to take something completely revolutionary to beat the iPhone. Will have to be something that no one anywhere ever has seen in a mobile phone. I think the storm came close to this with it's psuedo tactile feedback but failed miserably with it's os that wasn't really designed for touch screen use. However one of the strengths of the pre is the fact that it's os was designed for touch screen use and as far as I can tell has been fairly thougt out as is the device. Unlike all of the competition throwing out multiple touchscreen phones by the minute hoping to garner just a bit of the success apple has seen with the iPhone. With all of that having been said, competition is good and I hope this device does well. As for now I am not convinced I should be switching in 6 months for this.

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    I am very impressed with the videos that I have seen on the Pre. I think competition is a great thing. Sometimes the only way to get big companies to add features is to see another product effect their bottom line. I have completely switched my family over from PC to Mac in the last two years. I still have to use PC for work and recently switched to Vista. I am amazed how some of the things in Vista try to emulate Mac. Maybe the same will be true with the iphone. If other phones cut into there profits because they offer features such as cut and paste, multiple programs running at the same time, MMS, better camera and so on. Maybe these things will show up on the iphone on a major software update(well not the camera but you know what I mean). We have two iphones in our house which we love, but it would be nice to have some of the features missing.

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    A small part of me likes that phone.

    ...and good point 1shuttle1....the competition drops something new and apple can update with software to cut them off.
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    Default Company or Technology....
    I've been using smart phones for the longest, and I have modded the hell out of my iphone to get it to work as close to how I would like it to. But seriously, all the people saying the Pre fails before it comes out are just talking out of their asses.

    If that OS is based on linux (is it?) then the modding options will be blown wide open very soon after release, and not hampered by the company that released it.

    And people, that is the Pre before modding. The smart alerts, conversation threading, card multitasking, and (probable) usb mass storage...

    The mass storage one really gets me. Sure apple can create a FAT partition to allow that if they want. But do you see them doing that any time soon. I symbolic linked a crapload of stuff to my air sharing folder to rid the need of constant ssh-ing, but i still have to connect over wifi when the iphone's in the dock... And no, wifi is NOT as ubiquitos as people would like to think. And even if you CAN use it, I'd rather have my phone charging and editing files than having it constantly being battery drained for the length of the session...

    And UI wise, try using the iphone stock, or even turn off all your winterboard themes and still try to say that it's a beautiful view.

    The thing the iphone does have is momentum. Apple's commitment to updates, the "cool" status, and the world-wide community. The app store is also huge. Even with jailbreak, most of my apps that have nothing to do with themeing come from the store. If I could only multi-task them...

    I actually wrote palm off after getting my 3G, but the evolution of WebOS seems like it could create a nice, and maybe more heated version of the old Palm/PocketPC(WM) wars.

    Personally I'm more a fan of the technology, so this presentation was very exciting.

    Card multitasking, I love you...

    Just a quick note about the wifi file editing. I've left my iphone transfering files over wifi overnight a couple times(backup of a couple gigs.) When I woke up in the morning, the battery was nearly completely drained, even though it was connected to USB. Whether this was because of the cellular radio and wifi radio being on at the same time, or even ssh's fault (which I shouldn't have to do in the first place...), it happened.

    And I know that would have not been the case if I had just been allowed to arrange files as I saw fit over usb mass storage.
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    Lets not leave out a few things that the Palm has going for it that the iPhone doesn't. I think it is safe to assume it will have MMS capability out of the box(EPIC FAIL on Apple's part), based on watching this video it appears to perform operations faster than the iPhone, you can replace the battery in seconds and it doesn't require possibly mangling your iPhone body(1st Gen iPhone people) or soldering connections (1st and 2nd Gen iPhone people), slide out physical qwerty keyboard(my big fingers do just fine actually on the iPhone keyboard and I prefer it to a physical keyboard now but others may disagree so this point is for them).

    To the person who mentioned problems with their Treo 680, that was your phone not Palm as a whole. It is a well known fact that 680s were/are garbage and the black sheep of the Palm family. I had a Treo 650 for what seemed like eternity and it took quite a few licks from me, no amount of ROM flashing and file system editing would kill that phone and I regret selling it to this very day.

    Now there are probably other things worth mentioning but i'll try to wrap this up. If Palm sells this as a GSM phone(not just tied in to Sprint's wacky network) at a price point not exceeding $249 then I will most definitely buy one and consider ditching my iPhone. However I am skeptical that they can assemble this into a tidy package and price it well enough to steal me away from Apple. Not to put down Palm in any way but I have a hard time seeing them asking less than 4 bills for this phone. Perhaps 3 if you sign a 2 year contract but then a 16GB iPhone goes for that same price. I say again if they go for no more than $249 then I certainly think they will make AT LEAST a dent in Apple's sales.

    All of this requires that Sprint somehow finds a way to absorb the ETFs that people are mostly unwilling to pay to go from Cing...AT&T to Sprint. That being said, Sprint is already starting to roll out a 4G network that will supposedly put 3G to shame so if that is the case then i'm sold (pending hands-on testing and at least a week with this device to put it through its paces).

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    Default grow up
    First of all, if someone cant post there opinion without someone calling them a fanboi, then they should be banned. This phone is like the house brand. Does the same thing just looks different. If anyone wants to top the iPhone, they will have to come up with something completely different, just like apple did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by logodude View Post
    First of all, if someone cant post there opinion without someone calling them a fanboi, then they should be banned. This phone is like the house brand. Does the same thing just looks different. If anyone wants to top the iPhone, they will have to come up with something completely different, just like apple did.
    I don't have a problem with people posting their opinion, but the people who say the Pre is a failure without ever using it or giving it a chance ARE fanbois. How can someone call a device a failure when it hasn't even gone to market?

    I'm a fan of the iPhone and the iPhone ecosystem, but I'm not to the extent that it blinds me from seeing other devices out there and giving them a chance.

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    I'm guessing that the reason a lot of "fanbois" as you call them, are frustrated with new technologies is that because apple thought of it first. Even if the Pre is better than the iphone or that windows mobile 7 has more functionality... its just darn annoying to see an original product get copied. I'm not saying that all the other product that resembles an iphone is a complete rip off of the iphone, its just that the similarities exist and these similarities makes "fanbois" wonder why other companies make new and original products.

    To my opinion anyway, i think that similarities and the stealing of ideas gives way to better products. Its not ethical but as a consumer in a big market, the likes of "microsoft" or "palm" or any other company accused of stealing ideas sets the standard of the technology we have now a nudge higher. As a fanboi, this only means that apple will continue innovate and compete with the likes of palm, htc, microsoft, etc giving us better and better products.

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    And sure something is going to be "better" than something else that has been out in a while. Heck thats how technology evolves. Otherwise we would still be using dialup modems 10mhz processors with microwave oven sized laptops and taking our phones with us in the trunk of the car. Bring it on i say. Only when we see whats out there can we make something better.

    Oh and to kaician:
    You can use USB transfers with programs like Disk Aid that give you access to your phone. Both Windows and Mac flavors and totally free without worry's of nuking your battery dry.
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