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Thread: BlueSn0w - iPhone Bluetooth Pwned?

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    File sending should be good

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    This is AWESOME news! Hopefully my BT Stereo headset I spent $100's on can now be used, sweet!
    Quote Originally Posted by 12jmartinez View Post
    wow this could mean stereo bluetooth right??? haha i might actually get to use the rokr headphones i bought!!!
    Lets hope so!

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    i have tried it and it works great!!! i can't wait for the final version to be released

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    Quote Originally Posted by SplitFire View Post
    What kind of pioneer do you have? I just had the Pioneer F90bt installed yesterday and was able to transfer my contact list to the unit.
    i have the pioneer avic d3 head unit with the CD-BTB200 bluetooth adapter. how did you transfer it? as far is i knew there is no way to export contacts on the phone...????

    Quote Originally Posted by Portdogmc View Post
    dude that already works with my pioneer P7000BT.. which model you have?
    the bluetooth set works to make and receive calls, but i can not export my contacts so that the name shows up on the head unit when i have an incoming call or vice versa. unless there is something i dont know about, but the last time i checked it was impossible to do with the way the iphone bluetooth is set up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awaadster3 View Post
    i might be getting ahead of myself, but can in the future, enable Nike+ like the Touch 2g?

    that would be amazing
    we cant touch the 2g touch till it is jailbroken... and we are not going to be the ones to jailbreak it =p...
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    Yes!!! I can't wait to be able to send and receive files. Won't this require some sort of "special" app like that can support sending and receiving?

    How do I donate???? Everytime I click on the link, the webpage doesn't load.

    Quote Originally Posted by cscho0415 View Post
    we cant touch the 2g touch till it is jailbroken... and we are not going to be the ones to jailbreak it =p...
    Off topic but there is an unauthorised way of jailbreaking the iPod Touch, it involves Quickpwn and 2.1FW, I think so anyway, I read on a couple of sites where users claimed the did it and more conformations started to come in. I think this affects the iPod though, there's some "side effects". Idk, I never tried doing it, only have iPhone 2G.

    Still can't access the site!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iop9000 View Post
    PS3 bluetooth remote app

    That would be awesome. I dont want to get the Blu-Ray remote for my PS3 but I hate using the controller to watch BR movies.
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    Exciting news, Very eager to see this.

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    Being able to use A2DP and send/receive files over BT would definitely make the iPhone more competitive as a smartphone. It's frustrating Apple's own iPhone developer team haven't been able to provide these features even since the first iPhone 2G model was released over a year ago.

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    omg wow this is great i cant wait for this , really great to see this picking up awesome

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    Well I'm a founding member of the project. Wayyyyyy back in the days before our fancy forum, donations, and especially BlueSn0w =P and it has been wonderful to watch it progress. We are working and to poetic_folly, I have been slightly outta the loop since before the holidays (God my life is hectic this time of year) but if you want PM me here and I will give you my e-mail address and I can give you some more details on the project if you like. We'll keep you posted people! And for those of you that can't get the link to work, here is a direct one to our forums.

    pf edit: be careful with those links. every post by a member of this project either says "donate" or "go to our site". bordering real close to spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
    I could not agree more.

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    You are welcome!

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    I'm just curious if that HP printer app for the iPhone helped anything at all with the project.

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    Default Not Working...
    I put the file in var/root but if i try to change directories into root it says "Permission denied" I moved it to just var and when i tried to change the permissions to 777 it said changing permissions of './bluesn0w': Operation not permitted.
    any help?

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    Default Bluetooth GPS?
    Does this mean my Holux M1000 Bluetooth GPS will soon talk to Location Services/Google Maps?!? Please say yes. If so I am VERY excited and will make a nice donation.
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    This is truly awesome! I can't wait for the GUI i'm kinda unfamiliar with Command lines. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenzoHartt View Post
    This is truly awesome! I can't wait for the GUI i'm kinda unfamiliar with Command lines. :-(
    UPDATE: Status update #4 and gui screenshots!!!
    Check this out dude! Great news
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    Amazing stuff!!! Can't wait to hear more news!!!

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    I wouldnt mind trying my hands at the Commandline. What profiles etc does it support so far? How well?

    People who've used it please share current experience.

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