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Thread: How Cool Would You Look with iPhone Gloves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boe_dye View Post

    A "Glove" that lets you "control" your "electronic device"...

    And Apple owns the PATENT?!?!

    I think NOT!

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    So let's re-cap here...

    Nintendo Power Glove Released - 1989

    Apples "Power Glove" Released - TBA

    Nintendo Wii, a revolutionary console that features an accelerometer in order to be used in it's games as well as musical application and multimedia function, Released - November 19, 2006

    Apple iPhone, a revolutionary phone that uses an accelerometer in order to be used in multimedia, musical application and games Released (okay so it does act as a communication and quasi navigation device, but let's be honest, it can still be substituted for a Gameboy) - June 29, 2007

    Conclusion? I think the facts speak for themselves...
    Have you used a game glove? It is mostly a CHORE to use as a game controller. That and these iPhone gloves that they speak of donlt claim to be a controller in and of themselves... And the iphone really is the first device to have an accelerometer in a handheld mobile phone device (or handheld gaming device if you WANT to consider it that...) AND do it right. yeah,CAN play gameboy games on it, but not officially, so such information does nothing to solidify your argument. I love Nintendo and I loved Microsoft. I do not consider myself a fanboy of Apple by any means, but credit must be given where credit is due. That being said, these things are probably going to be overpriced if they ever make it to market!
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    i alreadty have one of those. Not made by apple of course, but the same thing. On all the finger tips there is a small "stulys-dot". Pretty god damn nice. I got them from my uncle, so i don't know where to get them

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    my mechanix gloves work just fine you can get them from any hardware store or automotive place

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    if they had transparent kind, i would probably get one glove.
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    Haha, I would probably buy these if they ever make them
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    iGloves woul just seem one more way apple is tryin to create some kind of crazy super army all dressed the same to take over the world. Next is iUnderwear with a secret iPhone pocket?

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