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Thread: Enhanced Version Numbers for Google Mobile

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    Default Enhanced Version Numbers for Google Mobile

    Google mobile app upgrade adds an oh so needed version number enhancement along with bug fixes…

    Is this really what they mean by this? Because if it is wow Google wow…

    Source: Google Mobile App Upgrade Adds Essential Version Number Enhancement | Cult of Mac

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    Thats funny....I dont care who you are.

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    haha i saw that too this morning.. i havnt upgraded but i was wondering what that was all about
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    Front paged? Really?

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    lol i saw that when i updated it yesterday and started laughing

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    Quote Originally Posted by loafomatic View Post
    Front paged? Really?
    It was meant as a joke.

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    that was I wonder how many were in there...

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    mabie the older verson had some wired number system like 1G57-2G8JK8-V25B but now they made it like 3.07
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    that's called "attention to detail".

    i agree it's a little ridiculous not to wait for another real upgrade to drop that in, but you cannot blame them for caring. I guess that's what separates a 300+ per trade stock from the rest.

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    How is this front page news????
    What about an article on Ripdevs PsuedoSubstrate or whatever it's called? Or an article on rumours on an "iPhone nano"?

    Btw nice copy n pasting!!!

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    my friends and I were playing with the google apps just the other day and it was mentioned; " Gee wouldn't be nice if Googe included an Enhanced Version Number? "
    It's almost if a google rep was listening in.

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    wat do this mean?

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    I noticed this when updating this morning, but I didn't read what was new until after updating. Don't suppose anyone looked at the previous version number? I'm a little curious as to how the two different version numbers are different and why it was so important that Google would send out an update just for that.
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    Haha, when I saw this I went to look at the current version number.
    I THINK it said 0.3.141

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default Am I up-to-date ?
    Am an update freak. My version number is
    I have tried looking for a newer update and I can't fing one.
    What does the version number enhancement add or change anyway.

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    Default Don't you love Google's humor :P
    Google has a whole bunch of silly things, another is on Google chrome when you window fails it says "Oh snap" lol

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    Google did that abnother time they updated theeir app.

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    It has auto voice recognition and also much improvement browsing capabilities.
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    if the version number ends in 143,
    then google loves us.

    because 143 = LOVE. =]

    yayy i get it!

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