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Thread: UPDATED -- 10.5.6 Breaks DFU Mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LrdBane View Post
    LOL like i was saying in the 1st 10.5.6 update post. Its really strange that Apple would do this to try to not use DFU. There would be much more effective ways. And with a simple USB hub as a easy bypass is kinda funny too. I dont know whats going on in Cupertino but if they truely wanted to lock it down they could. And even then where there's a lock, theres an unlock
    My guess is that Apple isn't trying to break pwnage but there's just an incompatibility in the drivers. Or, since most "normal" iPhone owners don't ever need DFU, they may have just disabled it since it's not necessary. Like you said, there are far more effective ways to block Pwnage if Apple cared, but they don't - more jailbreaking = more iPhones sold.

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    I also had no issue getting into DFU mode after updating to 10.5.6

    I am using:

    MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz
    iPhone (original)

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    My guess is, that Apple f****d up..... AGAIN

    Because since the update, I can't share my USB HDD via my network. It worked before the update but now i can't reach my HDD via Network.

    Some body else realized this?

    It seems to me, that Apple is closing on Microsoft quite quickly, at least in making mistakes.... I'm quite disappointed that Apple is following the same politics as MS, every Accessoire of the iPhone has to be baught, at least the 2G had a docking station, now another 29€ for that....

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    iTunes actually puts your phone in DFU, but you have to be fast to catch it. Right as you select restore and it begins it says preparing your phone for restore, for just a split second you will see the phone flash white. Right as it flashes white, grab the phone off the dock. You'll be stuck in DFU and can then stick it back on the dock and continue.

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    Hmmm... thinking Indiana Jones swap trick when you say take it out of the dock quick...

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    For just in-case...attached is a zipped copy of the 10.5.5 kexts that was mentioned.

    Myself still juggling whether to upgrade or wait, but some says the graphics performance improvement is awesome...
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Is it safe to go ahead with 10.5.6 if my phone has been jailbroken once but is not now for some time?

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    DFU works for phones that are already pwned or quickpwned for some reason. This only applies to phones in a a factory OTB state.

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    Let me guess....Apple recently announced that they now sell powered USB hubs in the online and brick & mortar stores... what a bunch of crooks

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    So Apple is now giving their lyoal customers incentive to run Windows systems? Clever!
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    i had no problem after updateing to 10.5.6. using quickpwn

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    Strange how some people have a problem with this. I updated my OS from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 using the combo updater. I've got the latest iTunes & Pwnagetool.
    I successfully went into DFU mode, using Pwnagetool, and used iTunes to do the custom restore. I did this on a 1st gen & 3G iPhone.
    Maybe the difference here is the COMBO update to 10.5.6. As a rule, I always do the combo update, as there always seems to be problems with incremental updates, especially done via Software Updater. Maybe those with DFU problems just needs to download the COMBO 10.5.6 updater, apply that and try DFU again.
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    Not strange if you read the thread, more specifically post 28

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    I have a macbook pro and i pwnd a new unopened iphone in dfu mode with NO HUB!!!
    that right!
    The 2.16ghz dual core mbp on 10.5.6 works just fine

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    Default The problem is in the Custom FW 2.2
    I tried to do all on this post, but I always got the (21) error on Itunes.
    But, WHY THE PROBLEM is in the CUSTOM FW 2.2, is because When I put the Original FW 2.1 or 2.2 in my Iphone 1st G. Itunes works great.
    When I try to use the Custom FW 2.2 I get different error.

    Hope that Someone find the error on this problem with MAC OS 10.5.6 or Custom 2.2 FW or Itunes 8 ... Anyway, the error is driving us crazy.


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    I have an iMac Aluminum 24" with 10.5.6 and the latest iTunes. I followed the iClarified instructions and it worked no problem. Word of caution read the posts below the instructions becuase some where having issues and impatience. Mine worked just fine.

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    Default hey
    hey i am using new mac 10.5.5 i wanna jailbreak ipod touch 2.2 i used a unpowered usb hub but no luck .how to go about it.

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    Default 10.5.6 on new MacBookPro cannot pwnage 2.2
    I have iPhone3G with Pwnage 2.2 Jailbroken. But the Modem Firmware version was not 2.28.0 as required by YellowSnow. So I restored the iPhone3G using iTunes which downloaded the fresh copy of iPhone3G 2.2 (5G77). Phone restored and everything works. Then I tried to put phone into DFU mode and confirmed that a USB hub is needed. (Thanks for the tip.) Once in DFU mode, I option clicked the restore and navigated iTunes to the exact same restore image that had previously been used successfully to Jailbreak iPhone3G-2.2 (iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Custom_Restore.ipsw) and this time, iTunes choked with an error message and fortunately, after rebooting the iPhone3G, at least the un-Jailbroken version of Apple iPhone3G 2.2 works.

    Just a datapoint for you developers. 10.5.6 breaks more than USB DFU mode.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Alright.. I have jailbroken and unlockd all the phones. I have followed all guides that have been on Mymi.. Here is the deal, this is the strangest mod that I have worked. I have tried the DFU update/change due to the 10.5.6.. Nothing.

    I am using a MB with 10.5.6/used the automator down grade to try DFU mode. No success.
    iphone 3g baby! 2.2 - Never PWNed...
    itunes 8.0.2
    Pwnage 2.2

    The only thing that I have not done is use the USB hub trick. Whats the deal peeps?
    We need an updated guide..

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