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Thread: Forget Pastebud iCopy Already Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post

    Yeah yeah yeah. I got something like a dozen emails about this so here I am posting before I get any more.

    The nice little video above shows Pastebud (which is not live yet) working to copy paste between Safari and Mail on the iPhone. How is it done? Just little javascript bookmarks and some backend web services.

    Now while a lot of sites on the web seem to think this is god's gift to iPhone users we hate to break it to you. This technology is extremely old news. Instead of waiting eagerly for Pastebud to go live just use iCopy which already does what Pastebud will do and has been out for something like 9 months. edit: Oh look another tool is already around that does the same sort of thing -- iCursor.

    Enjoy copy pasting between Safari and Email. I'll continue waiting for something a little more comprehensive
    Is iCopy on Cydia or in the APP store?

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    click the link.

    its a web service. Icursor is also a web service. so is Pastebud whenever they go live

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    Hey, remember the Newton? Even that had copy & paste!

    (still have my 120, 2100 & iMate)

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    Is it really that serious to copy and paste?..

    I mean tha days of Windows Mobile are over. Laptops are much more affordable, hence what in the world what you need to copy on your iPhone anyway?..

    Maybe its just me. I actually just got off of AT&T onto Tmobile and i thought i would miss tha " Visual Vociemail " feature.

    Hah.. Not really.

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    It works and works well and allows me to do something on my iPhone I've been wanting to do on my iPhone a while now..... Email a picture to my Flickr account then copy the link and paste it with a image tag on a forum and post a picture. That alone is reason enough for copy and paste and icopy is allowing me to do that . Also the copy to email function works excellent . I was able to copy a whole page of info from a website and send it to somebody .

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    I really wish we could get copy and paste between apps ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by innovaciones View Post
    Actually there is a BETTER and OLDER tool:

    iCursor v2 - For iPhone and iPod Touch

    You can:
    - Email URL
    - Refresh Site
    - Find Text
    - Copy Text
    - Copy Url
    - Copy Link URL
    - Copy Title
    - Link:Cursor
    - Input:Cursor
    - Left/Right Click
    - Clear Input
    - Mouse Pointer
    - Paste Text
    - View Source

    i was checking out the site, and it looks complicated. How user friendly is it? is the process really time consuming?

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    i tried i cursor too and its even simpler then icopy to use. im using both now as both have strenghths and weakneses

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