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Thread: Send Free Text Messages Through Email with SMS Touch

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    Default Send Free Text Messages Through Email with SMS Touch
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    The maker of the landscape typing app for iPhone, TouchType, has created a new app, SMS Touch that allows users to send unlimited text messages and then of course not have to pay for an SMS plan.

    SMS Touch allows users to write an email, in landscape mode if desired, spellcheck it and then send it to anyone in your phonebook as an SMS. Also when someone with SMS Touch receives a text message it goes straight to the email inbox and circumnavigates the charge.

    So in short if you text all the time and want to avoid AT&Tís $15 fee for an unlimited texting plan, you can get around it with SMS Touch. However, SMS Touch does cost $5, but this fee mostly goes to just keep the backend of the program afloatÖand itís still three times less the cost than AT&Tís plan.

    Source: | iPod News updated every 30 minutes

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    Sorry for the seemingly dumb question, but $5 a month or $5 flat fee?

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    it is a flat fee of $5 this seems pretty cool thanks apple chic.

    Thanks if I helped.

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    seems useless, for 5 dollars a month? it will only send the sms to an email, then the other user would need a phone that could view mail

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    wtf. text packages are so cheap, so this is pretty useless. idk, i doubt i would ever find use for it. plus it's kind of a round-about way to send a text. hmm. i'll pass.

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    is there an sms app which lets u send sms messages and they show that it came from your mobile number instead of email or aim name. in it looks as though u sent it via a normal text on ure phone, but u didnt....

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    Why not just use the AIM/Beejive/Whatever app?

    Any application that lets you use the AIM protocol can do SMS, all you have to do is add the contact's phone number (+12223334444) and it sends it. The first SMS they receive says something like "I sent this from AIM!" but after that it's just like any other conversation. I went ahead and made a group called "Mobile Numbers" and threw all my close friends in there for when I want to text them while I'm on AIM or when I get close to my monthly limit.

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    The video and the original post shows that it shows up as an regualar text on the recipient's phone.

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    pointless if you ask me...which nobody did...but if you had...POINTLESS

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    This might persuade me to get an iPhone as the packages on O2 are really bad, the lowest tariff is £30 pm with on 125 texts and 75 minutes, and it's £7.50 for any unlimited package. Still a rip-off.

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    what no one realizes is that you can get the same effect by going into your contacts and selecting the email you have in you contact, which then again i dont have, so basically your paying 5 dollars a month for mailing a message by using a seperate app, this is more like a scam instead of a helpful app

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    Default $5 once off!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is $5 once NOT A MONTH. only once!!!!! once!!!! NOT a plan!! ya bunch of Edit - Language.
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    you have to have SMStouch on the other/receiving end?

    Quote Originally Posted by arekisu View Post
    This might persuade me to get an iPhone as the packages on O2 are really bad, the lowest tariff is £30 pm with on 125 texts and 75 minutes, and it's £7.50 for any unlimited package. Still a rip-off.
    pay O2 £5 extra you get 600mins / 600 text. Still a rip-off compared to other networks IMO

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    read the second post from the top Edit - Language.
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    This app isn't even available in the UK iTunes store but I heard it is only limited to about 100 messages a month.

    [email protected]

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    if i was a mod i would warn you asap...
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    Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
    This app isn't even available in the UK iTunes store but I heard it is only limited to about 100 messages a month.

    [email protected]
    I looked into it, and it says you can write up to 100 different people as much as you want.

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    The unlimited text plan for AT&T is $20? Have they had a price drop?

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    when ever someone sends YOU a message, it will still use your SMS messages. This only works if they reply to an already sent message by YOU.

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    Default really?
    I'm shocked on how few people think this is a useless app. Especially for a group that gets upset about $5 charge, of which you could save much more than that easily if you use this app.

    The biggest problem with using [email protected] or @sms ect is that a reply to the text message will not come back to you.

    And for those that didn't get it, this uses your email to send and SMS to the reciepient. When they reply to your text, it looks like it will come back to you as an email again (and not use your SMS).

    $5 for the year seems a lot better than $15-$20/mo.... That's a big savings if you just use the $5 200msg package and use this to keep your SMS usage to a minimum.

    Just curious on how your txt shows up on the recipient's phone. (does it show your name? number? or some cryptic address?)

    Also, given a lot of other apps seem to charge $5 simply for a better sms interface.

    Anyway, i'm assuming this a Cydia app, not an appstore app. (someone mentioned it wasn't available via uk appstore.)

    just my 2 cents.
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