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Thread: Send Free Text Messages Through Email with SMS Touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by micromarty View Post
    I just set up a new yahoo email for txt from my iphone and it works awesome, push and everything through the mail app, not back for saving $20 a month
    Do you have 3G or 2G? and did you sign up for yahoo on the iphone or did you do it on the computer? My yahoo account is like 6 years old...

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    Default Preview of App
    I tested the app to see how it works. I sent the smstouch text to myself.

    Pic 1- is the smstouch's text opened in my SMS inbox

    Pic 2- is the emailed reply i sent back "Hey what's up"

    Pic 3- is just a screenie of the app

    I do have a question though If anyone might know. Currently this app you have to send a text to that person first inorder for the smstouch to activate. But if a friend sends you a text out of the blue it shows up in your SMS inbox. How do I make all my contact run through smstouch. I am trying just to get out of a 20$ a month charge,(cheap college student), if anyone knows any other effect way of getting around the system inlighten me.
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    Do you guys in the US have to pay to receive a text?? Thats a bit steep if you do. We only have to pay to send.
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    Default Wow
    I think this is probably a waste of someone's time and effort I would never use this since texting is now pretty much included in packages or you could use AIM or just your regular text...I mean really when are you ever going to use will show your email instead of your number that is pretty dumb if you ask me

    Quote Originally Posted by nickh View Post
    Do you guys in the US have to pay to receive a text?? Thats a bit steep if you do. We only have to pay to send.
    it totally depends on a persons phone/data plan for example on T-mobile I pay a fee for unlimited text but yes some companies charge you for incoming.
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    Default reply to the posts above
    In the US (at ATT anyway) you have to pay for both sent and recieved sms .10 cents per sent or recieved. Its very dumb! And the text messageing packages are 5$ for 200, 15$ for 1500, 20$ unlimited, and thats on top of your monthly 30$ charge for the iphones data plan. I dont think this idea is dumb (SMSTOUCH that is) i think it is very useful when you understand it, you can pay $240 a year to text i dont have that extra money. I just hope theres a way to catch incoming messages and have them sent to your email instead of them first showing up in your orginal SMS app.
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    Talking Just use email
    i once had the unlimited 20 text plan but now that money is tight i downgraded to the 5 dollar plan and email everyone using a yahoo account.. its really not that big of a deal i just set up a mobile email for everyone i usually text with their [email protected].. works like a charm for alltel and tmobile. I also use aim sometimes just add the + than the number.. 20 bucks plus 30 bucks is alot of money to pay for messaging when email is already included in the data plan.

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    Default You all probably don't know this!!! MUST READ
    You all can probably see this app is not necessary. It is a modification of apple's email app that comes pre installed on your itouch/iphone. This 5 dollar app may not send a text but there is a free way to do all this. If you want to send messages to a phone with a itouch or iphone without paying the extra price there are formulas you can use to do this. Here are the formulas that render this app useless.
    Set this up as an email address
    It will send it to the mobile number
    Just place the mobile number as a prefix to any of these according to the receivers service.
    Here they are.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Virgin Mobile
    [email protected]

    EX. for a Tmobile phone = [email protected]

    The only problem with this is you have to know the recipients service provider
    thats not a big deal tho and its saved me a ton of money... it beats paying 15 dollars per month and it even works on an itouch just as long as you have WiFi
    Another problem/advantage is that you are many times anonymous to the receiver... look at it however you want to... you will only come up as a random 4 digit number when your (text) is recieved

    if you have any questions just write below i'll be happy to answer
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    On a completely unrelated sidenote, Palringo now has an update that allows e-mail notifications like beejive. Palringo however has the benefit of being FREE.

    Add this with a yahoo mail account (free), and you can have your AIM running on palringo to send text messages and get instant notifications via e-mail.

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    This does work with iTouch, as long as your in WiFi coverage.

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    it doesnt work when sending messages to canada.

  11. #51 is not working anymore.
    I use yahoo push mail and created separate email just for texting ([email protected]) and it works so nice. Just like texting. The thing is, i know all carriers of my friends that i text haha.

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    Default Setting up a yahoo account for texting
    How do you do this just for texting i can set up a yahoo account no problem. I also am wondering if someone texts to with you with you not texting them first will it show up in your email or your SMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterths35 View Post
    How do you do this just for texting i can set up a yahoo account no problem. I also am wondering if someone texts to with you with you not texting them first will it show up in your email or your SMS
    If you text from your yahoo email lets say to some tmobile ([email protected]) and he/she replies it will appear in your mail app. Same if someone will first text u to ur email. And if you enable push, you will recieve reply right away.

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    Is this iTunes cause on iTunes its a bucks. There is another that is 5 bucks but with a different name?

    This app does suck. I've used Palringo for a bit, but you have to add phone numbers online, so I use AIM for txting. PS. AT&T's is [email protected] unless both work cause I've also gotten another address before.
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    the main reason for trying to get around "texting" is simply put it is an overpriced scam.

    If you added up the cost of roughly 1 meg of messages, at the normal going rate, it adds up to about 1000 dollars.

    Thats a THOUSAND DOLLARS for 1 MEG. Now, I know back in good ole 1985 when i got my first puter that it was a steal to pay 5000 dollars for an 8 meg harddrive.

    However, this is the 21st century, and there is no logical reason that text messaging should cost ANYTHING. It should be part of the plan already. However the logic of the phone companies is of course, make more money...

    Therefore we of the nintendo generation realize, Hey, lets just use IM'ing with our data plans and say ---- off to the fascism of text plans.

    I for one, really really really, want to see PIDGIN or Aduin. Both are free, both exist on all platforms (well technically aduin exists for OS X but it still is pidgin for all intent), and both support every known major IM service.

    So then I ask... this is a smart community. You guys can pretty much do anything you want, and obviously don't need or care about Apples permission, why hasn't anyone ported over Pidgin, or Aduin?

    Hex, even have it command line based like the good ole days of BBS' and figure out a way to make it run in when it's not in the forefront.

    Just a thought...
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwolf View Post
    you have to have SMStouch on the other/receiving end?

    pay O2 £5 extra you get 600mins / 600 text. Still a rip-off compared to other networks IMO
    It's only 500 texts. Anyway i burn through on average 150 a week just talking to my girlfriend, i'd need an unlimited package.

    I wonder if they'd replace the data/wi-fi package with the text one.

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    Default Telefilp gone.....
    Quote Originally Posted by harrisb View Post
    Welcome to a how-to to stop all the whining. This requires absolutely no money on your part, the only sacrifice is no landscape typing.

    Launch the Mail app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Touch compose.

    Where it says "To:" enter you recipients cell phone number, 10 digits. ex: 1234567890.

    Next, after the number add ""

    teleflip is a free service which automatically detects the carrier of the person you are trying to reach.

    leave the subject blank.

    type your message and press send.

    how much have you been billed so far? 0$

    now, you friend will get the message shortly, and it will show up IN THEIR SMS INBOX.

    they reply to it as they would to any other text message.

    when the reply is sent, IT SHOWS UP IN YOUR MAIL APP.

    simply tap to read, then hit the reply button, type your message and back it goes.

    simple and free and if you've already snagged and landscape email app, that solves any typing issues you might have.

    i hope this helped everyone in seeing that this application would've wasted your money.
    Not any more... wont work..

    Teleflip Has Flipped For Good

    "We’ve gone as far as we can with our financial resources, and the piggy bank is empty. Effective Friday, August 15, 2008, at 9:00AM Pacific Daylight Time, Flipmail will no longer be operating for either public or private use, and will be turned off at that time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, however our other popular email to text service, Flipout, will remain functioning."

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    So Slow to send the messages. dont waste your time or money

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