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Thread: iPhone DOOMed (finally)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacquesChirac View Post
    Does this work on old school firmwares like 1.1.1? Of course, with old school firmwares, nothing is available through Cydia or Installer anymore, but I stilled downloaded the application through google and SSHed it onto my phone. The application showed up on my iphone, but everytime I open it, my screen goes white and then it exits out. I even tried adding a .wad file to the application folder, but nothing was fixed. What should I do?!
    Upgrading your phone's firmware might help you out a bit...

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    All these FPS games are kinda lackluster in the control department right now. I don't think the people porting these things are serious players. If they were, they'd understand the fundamental need for strafing. Circle-strafing your target is a mainstay in these games, especially the id games.

    When I helped with PocketQuake for the pocketPC, I made a point of having Dan East make sure it was possible to circle strafe. In the end, I think PQ ended up being the best portable port to date, its as "playable" as metroid prime hunters is on the DS, which has a very good implementation of the "mouse+keyboard" style of play using the stylus. PQ uses the same methodology, and was out more than 5 years earlier

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    IDDQD, IDKFA. i still remember the cheats.

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    Default Nice
    looks alot better than the one weve all been seeing for a while now. im pretty exctited to give this one a shot, it looks way better for sure
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    Quote Originally Posted by djfantom View Post
    what you should do is upgrade to 2.2. why are you still on 1.1.1? theres been lik 10 firmware releases since then. you cant do nothing on 1.1.1 not even move icons around. how could you even use a iphone like that. shoot i couldnt even stand a jailbroken 1.4 get with the times man. it will be a greeeeea improvement
    Well, I've stayed at 1.1.1 because it's been reliable and I can run programs like VNC and all the emulators really well. (I can control my computer with my iphone's VNC from anywhere in the world which is a huge plus.) I am also hesitant to have to reinstall all of my applications again.

    But while I'm on the subject, I was wondering, can the 2.2 firmware run all of the emulators, like PSX, GBA, Gameboy, SNES, NES, Genesis?!?! Can I still download VNC? Is there anyway to upgrade without losing my applications? Thx a million for everyone's help!

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    took long enough!!!!


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    Oh I forgot to mention, I also really love orb, so if 2.2 supports that also, I would probably upgrade from the stone age...

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    Default N ice
    Quote Originally Posted by blazingangel1986 View Post
    Amen to that, i would pay cold hard cash for that
    You would thing that the processer cant handle that

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacquesChirac View Post
    Oh I forgot to mention, I also really love orb, so if 2.2 supports that also, I would probably upgrade from the stone age...
    Are you referring to OrbLive TV? It was just released for 2.2 a couple weeks ago.

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    since we're on topic and all might mention zodttd made some good changes in an update to fix some of the control and speed issues

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    I thought someone would of posted this already.

    Halo (Doom Mod)
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    is amazing, the graphics,wow

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    man I used to play DOOM all the time, this is sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamnintendork View Post
    I thought someone would of posted this already.

    Halo (Doom Mod)
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    I put a video of that (in beta) on the 5th post here, and it's actually a mod of quake4iphone.
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    I cant stop running

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    no.. next step starsiege tribes.

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    All those available for iphone. Hmm!

    Tribes 2? counter-strike?

    Your mom has "spirit" but I used my "pwnage tool" on her all night long and "ultrasn0wed" all over her. haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by spooneditr View Post
    I think it would be cool to see CS on iPhone, just because its a great classic game. I played CS MODS but they where not that good.

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    why cant they make these damn games work on tilting the iphone to move up/down/left/right? Would make it soo much better! Hello out there

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