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Thread: Firmware 2.2 Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrbone View Post
    ^^ seriously...

    anyone else get the txt message from apple and att saying 2.2 is out and to upgrade?

    Nope. But I got one from the Dev Team

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    Thumbs up Thank You!
    Was very easy to use, no problems here!

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    can someone please help me? i have a 3g which is running the 2.1 and is jailbroken. i am new to all this stuff and would like to update. is there a way to update and jailbreak the new fw but not lose my themes and stuff through cydia and winterboard? any help appreciated but remember i am a newbie to all this.

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    If you read the thread with the guide there is a link on how to back up your cydia apps using SSH

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    is that jailbroken and unlocked (for the 2g obviously)?

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    like I said I'm a newbie. I don't even know how to ssh. Can someone point me in the right direction???

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    2.2 is great as long as you dont....jailbreak

    ahhhh i kid i kid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zman-iPhone View Post
    EVERYBODY WHO IS SAYING IT IS FASTER IS JUST USED TO THE SLOWNESS OF YOUR JB DEVICE! Obviously if you do a clean restore/update you would think that it would run faster...
    nope i had restored to 2.1 and jailbroke the same week i did 2.2 had been released and 2.2 does run faster. and for me the battery seems to be better. i use my iphone at work to listen to music for 8 hours and on 2.2 i have way more battery life than before and everything runs smoother.

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    Hi Guys,

    after coming from a life of nokia’s and moving to Apple its hard!

    Im not a very technical person and iv just about managed to get used to my jailbroken iphone 3G on firmware 2.1. This jailbroke was done by a friend so i just picked it up from him and strted using it.

    Iv just about got used to the phone started using its features after visiting forums etc etc.

    Now i hear that new firmware is out which is the 2.2 which obviously is the latest with bug fixes and i wana update this but because my phone is jail broke and i have loadsa apps, cydia, installer, winterboard how do i keep everything on the phone and update to 2.2

    Please could someone help as iv been googling this for weeks and scared that if i do it myself i wil end up loosing all data on the phone.

    Hope that makes sense.

    my add is [email protected] (hope someone can mail me in simple english lol)


    is there anyone that can walk me thru the process. iv been on this constantly and nothing makes sense.

    Wat is a QuickPWN?
    How do i keep my stuff and upgrade to 2.2?


    Thanks guys

    Mate iv found my perfect partner...lolllzz we are both in the same situation pal..

    im condused too
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    check this out...

    As per CameraBag update:

    "iPhone OS 2.2 introduced an issue where images saved at resolutions of 800 or higher can appear blurry when viewed on the Iphone. These images are not actually blurry when saved to your computer. We have contacted Apple about the issue and expect them to update iPhone OS to fix it, as this affects all photo applicatons"

    instead on focusing on stuff we need like MMS and Copy&Paste they gotta focus on fixing their screw ups.


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    i just tried to dl the firmware and every time its about to finish it says file doesn't exists. but i got the link from you guys

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