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Thread: duiPhone New Way to Mod your iPhone & Drink Responsibly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrbone View Post
    seriously how bored are people that they need to makeshift a breathalyzer on their iphone.

    90% of you iphone owners are under 21 anyway...

    why dont they make something useful?

    Like for example I want my Iphone to send a signal to my GF's phone and shock sh*t out of her when she starts getting out of line and giving me attitude............................
    LOL not enlightened but funny. Did you show her your post ?
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    This does seem stupid, but I don't agree with the "if you're not sure you shouldn't be driving" point of view. Where I live the legal limit to drive is .08, but I can't honestly say that I can calculate how many drinks (beer, liquor, wine) over how much time that translates too, especially once you add in tolerance, metabolism, and boddy fat percentage. A few of the states used to have charts on their DMV websites, but California's and Virginia's had different information, which is stange since they both post .08 as their legal limit.

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    Driving? How about locking the iPhone if I'm too drunk to prevent drunken phone calls to my current and ex girlfriends. Now THAT would save my a**!

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    I think they did this just because they could. I do stuff to my phone just because I can too. Its still cool though.

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    You folks dissin' this thing don't get how close 0.08 really is! Body mass, experience, hunger level, timing, LOTS of factors go into it, not just are you an alcoholic or are you stumbling drunk. Everybody's metabolism is different and everybody is going to process alcohol at different rates. Two beers over a pizza could get one of these heroine-skinny emos or a sweet young lady into big trouble, whether they felt it or not. At the very least, have a little respect for the fact that someone was trying to put technology to a good use.

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    this would obviously be a bit of a novelty item... that being said... you get drunk and you show it to all your friends, everyone wants to try it, it becomes the life of the party until well... it gets broke or the battery dies, either way you cant press the big green button to call a cab.

    haha dont drink and drive.

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