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Thread: iPhone MMS Apple Allowed. Could it be True?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSMKilla View Post

    Helmet and jacket hahaha something some inexperienced troll would say. Seeing as how I have never been in a bike accident in my entire life I don't see why I would bother myself with wearing useless items that are more of a distraction than they are of good. I could care less about being protected from road rash, if someone hits me or I wreck I would rather die than become a vegetable for the rest of my life. Oh well if you don't share the same point of view, like I said it's obvious your inexperienced, and either way I am sure you would look great in a wheel chair Tyler

    PS: Just because you need training wheels when you ride doesn't mean everyone else does.

    PSS: Come on over to my forum and I will show you what a nOOb really is

    oh and small edit when did i ever say i could ride well or anything about my riding??? YUP thought so if you live here in town lets meet up bend some corners the more noobs the better!!!!

    Is that why you have to have a full suit to ride the track because all those riders are so inexperienced that they need it yea you probably right. Oh and how do you know my name??
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    off topic anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by JAG2621 View Post
    Well if your iPhone is a POS then why i gods name do you still own it. Throw it away and quit complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No one phone has it all. IMO the iPhone still has more features than most phones and i guess thats why you still own your POS!
    troll alert.. you know what he meant.. quit talking just to be talking.

    Quote Originally Posted by seanobx View Post
    Actually, the phone can send pix msgs. use the App called quip. Someone who works with my wife told her about it. I checked it out and i must say all in all its not that bad. I mean it doenst work like traditional MMS. one has to have web access, but when you click on the link it takes you right to the pic you sent tried it with both 3G and 2G. works both ways. It is also just a text msg, so high MMS fees would essentially be a thing of the past. I like it and recommend it, not like I am anyone though)
    will look into it thx
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    okay... just reading through this... i called AT&T twice today and tried it... but no luck there... The one guy swore if he turned it on, it would mess up the phone... I asked him, well what exactly will it do... "It will mess the phone", i asked again, so what will it do the phone... he goes again, "It will mess up the phone, sorry I can't do that for you"... Now I am wondering, if I jailbreak it with the new jailbreak and unlock it (i am already jailbroken, just not unlocked) and call them up and give them a BS story that i dropped the iPhone in the pool and I am going to use my Samsung Sync would they enable the MMS and possibly media max? and would this work with my iPhone... Really all I want is the MMS I am so sick of this nonsense with the e-mail (it never works for me... At least outgoing... they always bounce back to me... I could (and have) send the same message 56 times, only ONE will go through...) otherwise I would not have an issue with the e-mail idea...

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