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Thread: New Google Voice Search App for iPhone

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    first vaugh.iphone, you need to relax , he already knows he messed up and there are people who already told before you start calling people idiots and repeating what other people already said....don't do it...cuz your post is niether informative nor useful as it's repeated info.... Be nice now...

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    and vaugh, it is available as already posted. It's the update that hasn't been released yet.

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    Hmmmm now only if Google got Android to work on the iPhone, that would be amazing!!!!

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    and that will also never happen legally LOL , I believe I they or anyone manages to make I happen, it's gonna be all underground

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    i've never been a google fan, but this is quite impressive if it works a lot smoother that say who

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    Sounds awesome. So just to clarify this thing is basically google search with my voice instead of typing into a search bar? Crossing my fingers we will see a voice dialer soon!
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    so whats it called and where is it? lol

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    Keep on topic y'all. This is not a G1 discussion thread. (I deleted several posts)

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    Will be checking back to see when this is released and how well it works
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    maybe Google finished the app but wait for apple store to inspect and accept the app, give it a couple of days
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    Crazy! JUST today I was driving and trying to look up lyrics to a song on my iPhone at the same time. I said to myself, I wish their was an app that I could do voice searches with and receive google results back.

    This is getting a little freaky..

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    Am I the only one whom finds it ironic that GOOGLE released this app on the iPhone first? Instead of their own Android phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by viriiguy View Post
    Am I the only one whom finds it ironic that GOOGLE released this app on the iPhone first? Instead of their own Android phone?
    Google has always been fond of the iPhone. It almost seems like its the phone that they wish they had made. Anyway, Im sure this same program for Android will be released very shortly after the iPhone version maybe after a few bugs are worked out...

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    maybe they could also port some andriod things to the iphone (course im dreaming here)but you get my drift...

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    It's nice to see Google is still focused on developing apps for the iPhone even after releasing their Android OS to developers and G1 (Google Phone) to the cellphone market. I'm looking forward to trying this app when it's released in the App Store.

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    This app seems real cool. if it wasn't for google, the iphone would not have had a lot of cool apps

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    heres a nice video of it in action

    [ame=]YouTube - Google Mobile App for iPhone, now with Voice Search[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    wow, that's crazy, i think i just found my favorite new app...

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    Quote Originally Posted by viriiguy View Post
    Am I the only one whom finds it ironic that GOOGLE released this app on the iPhone first? Instead of their own Android phone?
    Not ironic. Just putting the app on the popular phone right now first. If i created apps i would defiantly put it on the iphone right now considering there is 14+ million iphones on the street, and only a little over 1 million android phones.

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    Among the many looking for the voice features, In the reviews for the current version of the app there's a recent poster who states that Apple rejected Google's updated version with the voice.

    I'm hoping this person is either flat out wrong or just trying to start a rumor.
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