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Thread: AppStore Soon to Meet Quake

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    Default AppStore Soon to Meet Quake

    Zodttd the leading expert in ports to the iPhone with previous releases like MAME and other various emulation systems for the iPhone has submitted his latest work to the appstore. Quake. Awesome.

    As you can see in the video above it's in landscape mode and appears to have full gameplay of the classic RPG. Get ready to grab your copy from the AppStore once approved for the awesome price of FREE and then go around killing death squads and traversing across the slip-gate for more battle.

    Looks like great work -- can't wait!

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    Quake has been out on cydia for yonks.
    I assume they'll still attract you with 'free' then throw a message in your face when level ones over demanding a subscription.

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    Just so ya know... Quake is not an RPG. It's a 1st person 3D shooter.

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    i'm excited to see it's release in the app store. yeah, it's been available on cydia for a while, but now others who don't jailbreak can play it as well.

    excellent work!
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    Unless this is just the demo version of Quake, I don't see how Apple will ever approve this. It would violate copyright infringements with ID Software, the makers of Quake.

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    this has been available for a while to the jailbreak community but like Nukie said, there is no way apple will approve this unless they attempt to just change the name like the super pong people had to do. it shouldnt take too much work to just change that and it would definately be a great contribution to the appstore

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    if this itīs aproved, iīll make and send to the appstore "Dragonīs Lair"

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    Actually I think that Quake is officially open source. I know for certain that Doom is. So I don't think id will mind.

    Besides Apple has been letting the companies & devs themselves deal with the whole copyright thing. I don't think Apple has rejected or removed any apps for copyright reasons. Devs have removed apps themselves under legal pressure from the companies with the OG titiles, but that's not the same thing as Apple doing it.

    So even if it is copyrighted (which I doubt) we oughtta have at least a couple of days to snatch it up before id freaks.
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    Two things...

    1. This would be allowed because the source code was released by iD awhile ago...

    2. Um, how is he controlling it? I'm not seeing any fingers on the screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knolly View Post
    2. Um, how is he controlling it? I'm not seeing any fingers on the screen.
    You didn't want the video clip for long enough.

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    I tried this forever ago from cydia. It's a neat concept, but it's pretty tought to play without tactile controls.

    And davidmdowning42, what about Tris?

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    if this itīs approved, iīll make and send to the appstore "Dragonīs Lair"
    God I spent a TON of money back in the day playing that game. Once I got to the point of playing to the end on the minimum amt of $ it used to draw quite a crowd watching the upper monitor. That would be fun on the iphone for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CademiaX View Post
    Wow, I was gunna say, that better be free, otherwise I was going to want my donation back from him for testing.
    You seem to misunderstand the concept of a DONATION.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    I'm pretty sure that EA went after Tris themselves. That proves rather than detracts fom my point. It was approved by Apple and later removed by the dev due to legal pressure from EA. That is certainly what happened to the breakout clones that Atari went after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnopodMan View Post
    if this itīs aproved, iīll make and send to the appstore "Dragonīs Lair"
    Hell y'ah, add the sequel and Space Ace to that as well

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