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Thread: iPhone Gives AT&T Increased Earnings and Activations

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    Default iPhone Gives AT&T Increased Earnings and Activations

    AT&T has posted their 3rd Quarter earnings and I bet you can't guess that the iPhone has played a big role in AT&T's profits and new subscribers.

    While profits from the iPhone 3g weren't as high as they could have been due to the iPhone subsity AT&T is doing very well from their contract with Apple. 2.4 million iPhones were activated on AT&T last quarter with a whopping 40% of those being new users.

    It seems where ever the iPhone went success and money followed last quarter. Apple isn't the only company raking it in from the iPhone.

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    Apple will someday own the world...

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevorrawson View Post
    Apple will someday own the world...
    *RING RING RING RING* That's your alarm going off waking you up from your dream

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    I think I remember reading that AT&T lost lots (thousands) on all of the increased data going over there networks. Is that true?

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    apple...the new microsoft?

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    i dont get it.. is AT&T not losing alot cause the sms numbers have come down.. we know bitesms can forward yet how many actually use it and its still a loss by the time they know about it..

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    I highly doubt that bitesms even dents their profit earnings.

    Edit: ignore the word 'profit'.
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