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Thread: MobileMusic Player/iTunes Replacement

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    dtunes does not "do the same stuff" look into it...

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    dTunes downloads music free to a non-library directory and plays it. sounds pretty same-ish to me. I'd probably love the pwnplayer, but I am not going to install any p2p software on my ipod. I am a miser with my bandwidth.

    Just my opinion, not looking to start a fight here.

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    i'm not looking for a fight ether, i just think the capabilities of pwnplayer far surpass ipod app and dtunes put together. Oh and if you want to save your bandwidth you don't have to use iSoulSeek.

    A quick edit:

    In case I wasn't clear above, pwnplayer does not download music from seeqpod. You can still put your music in to the file system in whatever way you prefer...dtunes, safari download, ssh etc. What it does do is allow you to integrate that music and your library music from itunes and mix and match your playlists on the fly. wouldn't want to misrepresent
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    im digging ur music

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    Ahh sweet. Pwnplayer is on my list to grab as soon as its available.

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    Been testing this app for the past week. Eric did an awesome job with this one! Everything works perfect and every bug I've found has been worked out in his last update. Can't wait for islsk!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    Are there people out there that are NOT willing to runs Windows or OSX but ARE willing to get an iPhone. I am sure the answer is yes but... REALLY? I would like to meet this rare breed, lol. I met only one guy in the dorms five years ago who swore by Linux alone, but he would never go near anything else (iPhone wasn't around yet but I am SURE the answer would be NO) All other Linux users I knew (and there were a lot; I was in the computer engineering dorm as an Aggie, LOL) had Windows up and running as well.

    In any case, good point though, if you are one of those who runs only Linux your prayers have been answered.
    You should take a stroll over to an ubuntu forum sometime. But just for reference sake;
    Howto Sync Wireless iPhone with Amarok -- Ubuntu Geek

    And let me tell ya, over the air syn and Amorak handling your music library... best combo I had ever used when I had Linux. If theres one thing I miss about Linux, it was Amorak.

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    this is looking pretty darn cool...
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    I thought dtunes was as good as it gets, this app looks promising. I'm ready to give it a spin. dtunes dosent always find what you are searching for, hopefully this will be a bit better.

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    this is not useless. this is gonna freakin' rule. i love dTunes, its way more handy than you might think it is, and this is dTunes on stereoids. i CAN"T WAIT to get soulseek back.

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    You people can't say that Dtunes isnt pretty damn functional. Its apples jewel software.

    That lockscreen control is amazing! Nice work.
    Don't know if it'll take off though, people are pretty stingy with Jailbreaked software. I meanm if the music player provided does 90% of what PwnPlayer does...
    And DTunes is already and in use with their iphones? - who would take the time to set up this for that extra 10%?

    Probably not me, however that's just my opinion.

    AppStore has made it so damn easy to install pretty cool apps without all the Jailbreaking work and SSH work etc etc.. - i must admit, I've become a lazy Apple AppStore fan.

    Anyway - Best of luck with the app! - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    sorry , had to post this again lol but yea

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    been playing with it for a while, still has some bugs but its verry promising. cant wait for a final release.

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    pwnplayer PWNS dTunes!!! iSoulseek PWNS seeqpod!!! Done deal. Patiently waiting... BTW has anyone heard of a fix for the cydia refresh bug that has surfaced?? I know there is a workaround but it's annoying.
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephenstudios View Post
    What a pointless App. It basically just duplicates the iPod app on the iPhone with a few unnecessary bells and whistles, EXCEPT search. Stupid.
    Did you even read the article? It works with iSlsk. Its no longer possible to import items into iTunes after downloading them with iSlsk. Errrick had to come up with another way to listen to downloaded music. Sounds to me like this Pwnplayer is quite superior to the iPod function on the iPhone anyway.

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    wow, that is going to rock.

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    I can't wait till the full release comes out. It looks amazing. Does anyone know what the release date will be?
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    Can this or anything on the iphone play flac files?

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    i cant wait for the release of this. its going to be awesome for sure!

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    I use dtunes and this looks 100% better,can't wait

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