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Thread: [Tip] StatusNotifier for Email, SMS, and Call Notifcation in the Status Bar

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    I believer you need to set cydia to 'no filters' to view that package.

    referring to sqlite v3.
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    Working without Sqlite3 & Erica Utilities.
    So why should i install the 2 app's?
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    help cant find in utilities and i do have the mmi sources on my phone

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    Hmm.. are you sure they didn't get installed anyways? I think Cydia automatically installs all dependencies.

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    i installed both(sqlite3 and erica utilities) and it still wouldnt work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 461am View Post
    I think Cydia automatically installs all dependencies.
    It did for me. Both Erica's utilities and the Sqlite3. Have to watch closely as Cydia does it's thing. These installed before the StatusNotifier app for me.

    cl_upspeed---do you see all the apps installed in the 'Manage/Packages' list of apps? Maybe a reboot will help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by axero View Post
    Working without Sqlite3 & Erica Utilities.
    So why should i install the 2 app's?
    you probably have both of them installed already. When i went to install ericas utilities, it was already installed. like someone said on here, Cydia should automatically install dependencies.

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    confirmed working. i thought that the notification would appear immediately just like before, the nofication would appear later on after you've received the message/call etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smirkis View Post
    dont forget, this version is free compared to intelliscreen.

    this is the last thing i've been waiting for. 2.x+ is finally complete! woohoooo
    Yeah, you must have never tried vWallpaper or iToday. Video backgrounds and video ringtones are the main reasons i'M still on 1.14! That, Waves and AgileMobile. iCould careless about the Appstore! The features iWant, the Appstore can't provide: mms, copy/paste, video record, and flash lite. No need to worry, the G1, X1, and HD Touch are on the way. Let's hope that these phones make Apple step up their game. Rather then Apple creatin' one do-iT-all phone, they rather take baby steps and make millions along the way! iWish iWould buy another iPod/iPhone when iAlready have a perfectly workin' one just because Apple has released newer verison with one or two upgrades that should have been on the previous gen!

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    0.1.2 version has a neat Winterboard theme. Check it out!

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    I loved this utility on my 1.x device! Well my Phone crashed when I installed the StatusNotifier, it did it's little pineapple logo thing and I thought I would have to restore (but thankfully I can keep backups now because it doesn't take 4 hours!) but it actually booted back up and the notifications were working. Weird since I didn't know it had actually finished installing but it seems to be working correctly. I was SOOOO relieved when the unlock screen came up

    Glad to see this utility back! I hated having to go past the unlock screen to see if I had email. I don't always catch the little 'ding'

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    nice thanks

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    Is it just me or is there a delay when the icons pop up.

    When i tested StatusNotifier by giving my iPhone a missed call and sms, the icons do not show up immediately like how it used to in Taskbar Notifier. Also after clearing the missed call and sms, the icons stay on for a while before disappearing and they again do not disappear immediately


    All in all a great and sorely needed app still Would be great if the developer could make the icons appear / disappear in real time rather than delay :P

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    Hey guys, I searched for "SQlite" under Cydia, and it came up but you might want to add that it's listed as Java SQlite!

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    I would like to add the neat winterboard version as shown here, how can i do that?
    I have the latest version of statusnotifier...

    Thanks !

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    1. Install Winterboard
    2. Install StatusNotifier
    3. Go to Winterboard app and enable "Lock Status" theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by zolee View Post
    I need help to create nicer icons for call, mail, sms, voicemail.
    But why? Those are the same icons of Taskbar Notifier, it's nice to see them again
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    I love the icons and all but for some reason my mail icon is always showing, even if I don't have any new mail.
    Please help me this is exactly what I need for my phone and I can't get it to work.

    Also, do you have any idea what effect this will have on battery life?

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    Does this conflict at all with iBlacklist? The icons look the same.


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    Quote Originally Posted by axero View Post
    Working without Sqlite3 & Erica Utilities.
    So why should i install the 2 app's?
    Exactly, I just selected the StatusNotifier from Cydia, I installed it and it just works. Did not install anything else...
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