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Thread: iPhone Tethering Roundup

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    Default iPhone Tethering Roundup

    Here at MMi we like apps that allow tethering your iPhone and computer. Last week we added yet another tethering option to our Cydia repo bringing the count of great tethering apps that we host to three. Confused by your tethering options? Don't understand what tethering is and the possible implications? We hope to clear that all up below.

    What is Tethering?

    Tethering refers to using your iPhone as a modem. By creating a connection between your desktop/laptop and your cell phone you can use your phone's internet connection via your computer allowing wireless internet access if you do not have an ethernet or wifi connection available. This is particularly useful for laptop users on the go that commonly don't have access to internet via other means.

    Tethering Options


    The most recent tethering addition to MMi's Cydia repo. We haven't posted news about this app yet so consider this the news post . Users of other mobile platforms like Windows Mobile or Palm OS will already be familiar with PdaNet -- these folks have been in the mobile tethering biz for quite some time. PdaNet was originally created with the AppStore in mind but was later rejected for the obvious reasons. Apple doesn't support tethering. PdaNet is different from the other iPhone tethering options in how it makes the tether. While the other tethering apps create the connection through a SOCKS proxy PdaNet makes the iPhone act as a wireless router allowing programs that don't operate though proxies (like Mail on OS X) to function correctly with the tether.

    • Easy to use, just download PdaNet from Cydia and create ad-hoc network on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the network, run PdaNet and you're good to go.
    • All applications can connect to the internet with no special configuration needed.
    • Runs in the background so you can use other iPhone features while tethering.

    • There is a theory that tethering through SOCKS proxy prevents your carrier from being able to tell you are tethering. This is a theory is unconfirmed. It may or may not be true/correct. As I mentioned earlier PdaNet does not use a SOCKS proxy.
    • Security. While you can create a password to connect to your ad-hoc network which should be sufficient for many, other tethering options may provide more security.

    iPhoneModem by zsrelay

    This tethering app was the second hosted on our Cydia repo. It creates a tether through a SOCKS proxy. Also included is a download for an excellent OS X app to manage setup and easy creation of the ad-hoc network required for the tether to be established. The computer app looks nice and functions well allowing you to turn the ad-hoc network on and off easily once set up.

    • Computer client provided for OS X for easy setup of network.
    • Connects through a SOCKS proxy (calling this a positive although we aren't positive that that matters)
    • Allows the option of SSH encryption intended to make your connection secure.
    • Runs in the background so you can use other iPhone features while tethering.
    • Free.

    • No Windows client (proxifier may solve this).
    • Some software wont work through this tether (try proxifier).
    • Some software requires setup to work (setup details | try proxifier).
    • OS X 10.4 not supported with client.
    • Opens up a couple ports that some may be worried about.

    iPhoneModem by Addition

    The first app added to our Cydia source iPhoneModem by addition is another app that was originally intended for the Apple AppStore but then rejected. Once again we get to enjoy it because we jailbreak our phones . The tether is through a SOCKS proxy and an OS X client can be downloaded.

    • Easy use. Download/run the client for OS X, connected to the network on your iPhone and run on your iPhone.
    • Desktop client compatible with OS X 10.4.
    • Did we mention it's easy to use?
    • Connects through a SOCKS proxy (calling this a positive although we aren't positive that that matters)

    • Doesn't run in background.
    • No Windows client (proxifier may solve this).
    • Some software wont work through this tether (you might try proxifier).
    • Full version costs $10.
    • Opens up a couple ports that some may be worried about.

    NateTrue's Method

    Similar to both iPhoneModems this method allows you to tether through a SOCKS proxy. It runs in the background and allows you to use other iPhone features while tethering. While this method was the first there is no nifty gui to make things easier. You can check out our guide for this method here.

    Other Things to Consider

    Tethering is specifcally not allowed in the contracts you have to sign with many wireless carriers. Tethering is forbidden in the AT&T contract. Many believe that tethering through a SOCKS proxy hides the fact that you are tethering from AT&T. This may or may not be the case and it all depends on how sophisticated AT&T is while monitoring their network for tethering. In theory if your carrier isn't monitoring the network carefully for tethering then a SOCKS proxy may help provide some protection against being found out. If they are sophisticated then they can look closer at the packets transfered through the iPhone specifically how the header is assembled to figure out that you are tethering.

    With that being said I am under the impression that AT&T is either not sophisticated with their detection of tethering or they currently do not monitor their network for tethering at all. Through conversations I have had with various AT&T managers I have gotten a few different responses varying from "we will cancel your contract" to "we can't tell at all" to "wow how'd you do that teach me!" To date I have yet to hear of anyone having their account cancelled due to tethering. What is clear is that AT&T monitors how much data you are using. If you use a extreme amount of data via your iPhone (we're talking gigabytes) you may receive extra data charges on your bill. I can't say that will always happen but I can say for certain that it has happened. A good way to tell your carrier that you are tethering is torrenting so if you are tethering don't do it. If you choose to tether beware that you do so at your own risk.

    edit: My conversations with AT&T about tethering were all pre-PdaNet. I do not know if that changes anything.

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    I have been Tethering to my Iphone since it came out and haven't had any extra charges or compactions. =)

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    Been Using PdaNet for about an hour now and it works GREAT
    connecting was fast and easy using Windows Vista,
    wish I lived in a 3G network though =/
    getting 120 kbs down and 60 kbs up
    not bad for edge i guess.....
    i used Speakeasy - Speed Test for bandwidth speed testing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by midlight View Post
    I have been Tethering to my Iphone since it came out and haven't had any extra charges or compactions. =)
    Assuming you are referring to the 3G? I heard ATT was throwing down fat bills for people they catch tethering 9which is terribly easy to do unless you modify some files, which is also easy to do, on your browser) Let us know!
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    thanks a lot
    worked like a charm
    I have Unlocked 2g Iphone on 2.1 FW with T-mobile Service
    i m on tmobile 5.99 T-Zone Plan
    download 109 kbps
    upload 60 Kbps

    thanks again

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    Is there any way to do the inverse of this. For example im in class and i have my laptop connected through local network but i dont have any service on my phone. know anything i can do?

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    just installed pdanet... VERY cool!
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    wish i could use a usb cord to tether instead of wifi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otacon132 View Post
    wish i could use a usb cord to tether instead of wifi.
    With Windows you can:

    I have been tethering, on a very limited basis, since the 2G. No change in bills.

    By limited I mean maybe 4 times a month for simple web browsing ~ 15-20 mins.

    PdaNET is by far the easiest method I've used yet, I'm hesitant though due to the reasons aforementioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotaryheadrx7 View Post
    PdaNET is by far the easiest method I've used yet, I'm hesitant though due to the reasons aforementioned.
    i have tried PdaNET just now, and i cant get it running...odd

    ill try it on another laptop later, iphone modem works fine though via proxifier

    im sure its some simple mistake im making. Do i need to set static IP's with PdaNET?

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    Default Problem
    Well i downloaded this and made the ad hoc network it gave me internet access but when i tried to open a page in internet explorer it didnt load. Anyone have the answer to this?

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    With optus in australia on 3g, when I asked the iphone tech staff, they didnt understand what I was talking about, shows how good they are. Using PdaNet on my VU laptop, runs beautifully, shame i'm currently in a GPRS locale, I'm only getting top speeds of 7kB/s, yeehaw, lookit that thar phone fly!!

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    can't wait to try pdanet thanks!

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    I'm confused, if these apps make the iPhone into a "wireless router" so can my PS3 and PSP pick up the Wifi signal from my iPhone and so they can connect to the internet?

    I read the post but it doesn't look as though it PS3 can connect, should call it modem instead of wireless router, wireless router puts a Netgear like image in my head so any wifi device can connect to it. lol

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    wow 3g on at&t is actually pretty fast - i got 868kbps down and 258kbps up (

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    I'll wait to see if these issues are confirmed/denied. Presumably within the next month

    I've been getting along fine with iPhoneModem (zsrelay) and without using the os x client. It's a little counterintuitive to have to download a program on your computer to get it on the internet, considering when you need to get your computer on the internet, you probably don't already have internet access, and therefore can't download the program...

    Anyways, I just created the ad-hoc network manually, connected my iPhone, noted it's IP address, then went into network settings, and turned on a SOCKS proxy to my iPhone's IP address on port 1080. Voila! It's really not that complicated, even my classmate who couldn't resize her dock was able to get it working.
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    PdaNET is the best one for me.... best as in really easy to setup. no proxy setup needed etc. but i'll be pi$$ed if i get bills from my O2-UK

    i managed to get the iPhoneModem by zsrelay to work, but for some reason rathing then displaying the webpage, Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer wants to download the HTML
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    PdaNet, I bought when I had a Treo650, worked great. I guess I'll have to jailbreak in order to try this for the iphone.

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    Default can't get it to work
    it's still connecting but. Internet explorer still won't load a page what am I doing wrong?

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