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Thread: 2.2 Beta 1 Firmware Seeded to Devs

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    Default 2.2 Beta 1 Firmware Seeded to Devs

    Rumor has it that Firmware 2.2 has been seeded to select developers by Apple. What's new in this firmware? Push notification? Copy Paste? Anything? As far as we are aware no. The notes from Apple for this release only say it is for "compatibility testing." The build number of this firmware version is 9M2611.

    That isn't very exciting. Any devs out there with this firmware version want to dig around a bit and see if there is any backend for push or other nifty features making their way in?

    Edit: One of are friends also told us that there's a new version of Xcode and everything as well (v3.1.2), Interface builder has supposedly been improved...

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    Firmware News is never as exciting as it used to be
    But nonetheless, Good news

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    i heard it has copy and paste

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootx2 View Post
    i heard it has copy and paste

    From who, your MOTHER??? HA!
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    Tsk tsk....Bootx2, don't you feel like a $19.99 iphonevideorecorder? With features that don't work, got cracked and still don't work, people are dissapointed at you and we got something better 4free? Wow that's low

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    i wish they would make winpwn for 2.1 already. i just might have to break down and use quickpwn....

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    Quote Originally Posted by adsonjustin View Post
    I think I've figured out a way to get from "green apple" to something better on my moniker - just respond stupidly to any and every post with "sweet" (I can respond with DUDE! and we can do this ad nauseum)! AND I heard it has copy and paste, and turn-by-turn (although I have nothing to back that up)! So I embellished! Please use common sense and respond with helpful items - admittedly, this was not one of them

    Quote Originally Posted by adsonjustin View Post
    You see where this is going don't you? Get a Life.... I need one too, apparently, because I even give a crap about this stuff. If I had a life, I would have better things to do
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    finally fixed landscape launching apps.. sweeeeeeeeeet

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    landscape from home screen?
    2.1 T-mobile

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    Quote Originally Posted by drunknbass View Post
    finally fixed landscape launching apps.. sweeeeeeeeeet
    Dude! Sorry , can you tell us more? Or is it an NDA?

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    Hi drunkn
    What does your post mean? :/

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    I think Apple is playing with us as it seems that every month new firmware and again wait for new jailbreak / unlock. They now keep dev team and us busy all day long with
    this iPhone firmware.
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    just like for the psp...

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    difference is that the psp was rapped lol , in a way I felt bad because due to the piracy, many devs don't want to loose money making games for it. That's the psp's downfall...

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    The Safari bar has changed, the search and web address bar are next to each other.

    Or it's just fake.....I'm not saying it's real before everyone starts having a go at me if it is fake lol
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    just as i was about to upgrade to 2.1! haha guess I'll be waiting a little longer..
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    if that safari bar change is real I love it

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    Great another worthless update doing nothing possibly. I thought updates were supposed to IMPROVE products not just waste our time jailbreaking to gain nothing but what we already have. I for one will not be upgrading to 2.2 unless there are actual features.

    Well...I'm sure I will, but without anything new or special I can at least wait until winpwn is ready this time unlike 2.1 haha.

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    wow... i updated last night and then i see this... ouch
    always hit the thanks button

    no signature spam/links... Thanks

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