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Thread: Apple Selling iPhone Online . . . Sort of . . .

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    Default Apple Selling iPhone Online . . . Sort of . . .

    Today the Apple site was updated with a nice "Buy iPhone 3g" button suggesting that you can now buy the iPhone online. Don't get excited you can't actually order a new iPhone from Apple via the internet. What you can do is pre-qualify and choose out options like your AT&T rate plan so once you get to the Apple store you only have to pick up your iPhone.

    While this may save a few minutes for some I don't really see the point. Something like this would be extremely useful for a new product launch day where lines are extremely long and iTunes activation crashes -- of course then Apple wouldn't have all the hype and fanboyism outside their stores and the excitement of the the launch wouldn't be nearly as high.

    If you find it easier the option to get some of the paperwork done online before you pick up your new iPhone is there for your convenience. Enjoy.

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    thats wack.

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    Yeah and you can set up your $70 per month plan bleh.

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    Seems help little.

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    I kind of like this. I'm sure I wont be the only one. This was posted as a rumor a few days back and maybe we might see the 32gb iPhone 3G. I can't wait for that one.

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    I think this might be useful for people who are unsure if they would be eligible to obtain an iPhone in the first place since there is a credit check, thus saving a wasted trip for those ineligible.

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    well it the same price like going to a store and buying a new 3G

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    There is still lines, i bought my iphone only 2 weeks ago and the line was 3 frikin hours!!!!

    The iphones get diliverd in large quantaties and then get soldout so a iphone dilevery at my mall is a big thing.

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    Once the G1 phone is released we will see Apple sell on line without activations.
    Trust me on this.
    They don't want to loose product saturation to another phone.

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    I think this is a good feature. Especially for those who would need to leave a deposit.

    Imagine going to att on launch day and waiting in line for a million hours to find out you need to put a huge deposit you're not willing to do.

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