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Thread: PwnageTool & QuickPwn 2.1 Released - iTunes 8 Compatible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Angel View Post
    Hello folks,
    I've read through all 16 pages. It appears that everyone has successfully ignored those of us with questions concerning the bootlaoder problems encountered while using Pwnage 2.1
    I too am unable get my pwnage 2.1 to recognize bootlaoder 3.9. Now that the 2.1 frenzy has subsided, do you reckon someone could help remedy this dilemma?
    I'm having the same problem. Nobody has an answer or solution for this??
    Please help us out

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    pol having trouble with not recognizing boot loaders check and make sure the name is correct should be BL-39.bin not bl39.bin

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterToo View Post

    Quickpwn + iPhone OS 2.1 + Poof = Disaster!!

    Just QuickPwn'd my iPhone 3G OS 2.1 and Poof'd a few apps I didn't want on the springboard - including Poof - opting to launch these via AppFlow instead as I had done till now.

    The problem? AppFlow does not work anymore! And with Poof poof'd, I can't launch it to unpoof the apps I poof'd!

    Tried gLauncher and Launcher too, and they don't work either!!


    I'm surprised that nobody has found a solution for problems when hiding apps yet...
    Usually, I just go to general settings and click on "reset all settings" and it will bring back hidden apps, but remove custom themes and settings. It doesn't remove any apps or anything, just customized stuff on the phone get returned to default.

    As for the custom 2.1, it works great =D

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    Laz305, thanks for the advice, but it is infact bl-39.bin, the same file that I've used in all of my previous pwning. It just wont recognize it.
    OTB 1.0.2>.....>2.0.1
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    Can someone pls make a custom firmware without custom boot logo plssss, its for 2g iphone. Wiht cydia and installer + activated plsssssssssss

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    any one know if cracked ipas work in 2.1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jgamble317 View Post
    any one know if cracked ipas work in 2.1?

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    Alright, another update: I'm uploading a few ipsw's at the moment. All are 3G, however I may start working on 2G ones if I can get the firmware linked to in the original post to work. Here's what I'm uploading atm:

    iPhone 3G 2.1, no activation, cydia and installer, custom boot logos (standard settings)
    iPhone 3g 2.1, no activation, cydia and installer, default boot logos
    iPhone 3G 2.1, no activation, cydia only (no installer), default boot logos

    I was originally gonna do ones with activation (Activate my Phone box checked) but since this is for 3G and there is no soft-unlock as of yet, is this even necessary?

    Before I try to do 2G, are there any other requests for 3G combinations, such as no installer, but with custom boot logos, etc?

    I'll put up the link to the files once the above 3 are uploaded (approx. 30 min)

    SMEE: I don't understand the step about copying old applications from the stash?
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    Why does it have to backup every time you sync?
    It is taking forever on 2.1

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    2G iPhone 2.1 Firmware Activated, Installer, Cydia, Default Apple Logos.
    iPhone 4 32GB JB & Unlocked w/ T-Mobile

  12. The Following User Says Thank You to JRML970 For This Useful Post:

    Jesposo (2008-09-14)

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    Worked EXCELLENT for me with Grip`s custom firmware.First restored with iTunes 8 (just restore option,without DFU mode). Then restore from backup of my old sync.All app`s from 2.0.2 are here and working (IM+,palringo,quickpoker e.t.c).

    THANKS one more time to Grip for helping to one more windows user.

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    here is a blank iphone 2g firmware from apple's web site.

    can u pls make a firmware of 2g with installer + cydia, NO bootlogo but activated plsss

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRML970 View Post
    2G iPhone 2.1 Firmware Activated, Installer, Cydia, Default Apple Logos.
    Non AT&T?

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    i got a question. I have a jailbroken iphone on 2.0 firmware, i was curious if i can download the new PwnageTool and make a custom firmware out of 2.1 then just update my jailbroken iphone through iTunes 8 with that custom firmware and still keep all my apps and settings?

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    Open terminal, type
    cd .ssh
    rm known_hosts

    This wil remove the known_hosts file that stores the ssh key.

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    the backup feature available on cydia only backs up a list and reinstalls apps. Why do that when uve already installed them? Do it my way and you lose nothing!!
    The mobileinstalation patch I listed is only for if you want your old jailbroken and hacked ipa apps. Don't use the patched 2.0 mobile installation or you'll get the same brick I did!!
    Enjoy boys and girls

    PS I'm out drinking so have very limited access to my phone without a massive winge fest from my friends. Still beat em all at poker mind!!!

    PPS Note to BTUNG

    When u SSH the key will have changed as u have upgraded bud, this is normal so don't panic. U may want to change ur password though as it will now be alpine again. Once u have used Transmit or whatever program u have used to log in use terminal and type ssh [email protected] or whatever you ip is on your iPhone, type your password which is alpine when requested then type passwd and enter to change ur password to a more secure one. Hope that helps bud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhantomPhoenix View Post
    I asked it too, page 7. Still wondering!

    must've missed it. Oh well. I'm gonna jailbreak it anyway it would just be nice if there was a way not to lose everything so i don't have to spend a half hour reinstalling all the stuff i want
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    Quote Originally Posted by SLapp View Post
    might have to install cache dele from cydia and delete the cache

    Do i have to change the original MobileInstallation to MobileInstallation.bak ?
    I went into cydia and there was an update for apt Backup...just downloaded the update and then voila all of my JB apps show up yay! So far 2.1 is running nice and smooth

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    POPMANPX read my guide a few pages back and Tupi won't lose anything

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