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Thread: Huge Secuirty Flaw in firmware 2.0.1 and 2.0.2

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    Default Huge Secuirty Flaw in firmware 2.0.1 and 2.0.2
    Fortunately, there's a way to avoid this obvious security breach until Apple fixes it.

    First, password protect your phone and lock it. Then slide to unlock and do this:

    1. Tap emergency call.
    2. Double tap the home button.

    Done. You are now in your favorites. This seems like a feature, because you may want to have emergency number in your favorites for quick dial. The security problem here is double. The first: anyone picking up your phone can make a call to anyone in your favorites. On top of that, this also opens access to your full Address Book, the dial keypad, and your voice mail.

    If that wasn't bad enough, the second one is even worse: if you tap on the blue arrows next to the names, it will give you full access to the private information in a favorite entry. And it goes downhill from there:

    • If you click in a mail address, it will give you full access to the Mail application. All your mail will be exposed.
    • If there's a URL in your contact (or in a mail message) you can click on it and have full access to Safari.
    • If you click on send text message in a contact, it will give you full access to all your SMS.

    Hopefully, this major security break that fully exposes your most private information will be solved as soon as possible. Until then, you can avoid any potential breach doing the following:

    1. In the iPhone home, go to Settings.
    2. Click on General.
    3. Click on Home Button.
    4. Click on either "Home" or "iPod".

    This way, the double-click on the home button will take the user back to the unlock screen (if you use "Home") or the iPod screen. I recommend using Home. You will lose the ability to quickly access your favorites for a quick call—which is one of my favorite features—but that's better than having all your private mails, contacts, and SMS database compromised. UPDATE: Evidently Apple has a fix coming in their next firmware update, but we've got no word on when that release is planned

    Source: Major Security Flaw in 2.0.2 - Mac Forums and every other iphone news site and our own member RaMod and One1
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    Wow, now Apple will have to think of ways to fix this.

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    I posted this in the "Chat" section since I don't have the rights to post it as news and also sent the news to "cash" by private message

    I am glad you posted it as NEWS so people can see it. We all here to help!

    You can remove my post from the "Chat" section if you want!


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    That sucks, I guess Apple better fix this ASAP....

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    i have my home button to bring up my ipod when i double tap. but still that is pretty bad...
    waiting on my iPhone 6+

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    at least there is a working around until they can get it fixed. still sucks tho.
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    wow, that doesn't seem good.

    oh well, doesn't affect me. i don't use any of that security stuff. i just keep my iphone in my pocket at all times and don't leave it laying around for someone to steal.....
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    Wow, things like this delay me from firmware 2.0 add in reception rpoblems, lack of jailbroken apps, and a sluggish OS, I wonder how long it will be before I'm desperate to switch.

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    Uff - I sent you to the BossPrefs on double click - hm I don't like it!
    Changed it to Home - that's way better!

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    Just enable home button to be double clicked to go to home and maybe it brings you back to slide to unlock screen. iuno .. this I think we could fix as third party applications can enable theirselves to work when double clicking on the home button.

    somebody could try and create a pointless application that would respring&lock their iphones when somebody double clicks on it.

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    This is a big issue...

    In the other thread, some people were suggesting to have Boss Prefs become your double tap home, but I found a work around if you choose Boss Prefs.

    If you do the security hack, then double tap to pull up Boss Prefs, you can simply go to More, then Dock Icons. From there just add any icon to your Boss Prefs dock and select Done. Now press your Home button and it will reload your springboard. The thing is that once it's done loading, it will take you straight to your home screen, BYPASSING the emergency call. This will give you access to ALL of your apps, which seems worse than the original security hack.

    Your best bet to avoid this is to set your double tap as your iPod like what nycdiplomat said.

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    Great, now we get to pwn our phones all over again!


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    It hurts me to say but the iPhone itself is a huge security flaw. Security and email encryption isn't a strong point for the iPhone.

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    am i the only one that likes this? i don't have to enter my code to call my home phone or my job. LOVE IT!

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    The person or people who found this out should have kept it to themselves and told Apple.

    Now everyone knows it

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    They do now!


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    wow who cares about that. if I stole your iphone I won't even bother with that. I would just, do a restore and jailbreak and unlock it, then use it for myself. I wouldn't have to go into your favorites to do anything. If you leave it lying around you are asking for this to happen.

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    Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid.

    Here is your steps to stop this from happening

    1.Don't let someone pick up your phone. Yeah that's it ........

    Facepalm) this is basically the same for any cell phone if someone stole my phone which I don't keep a lock on they would get my #s texts etc.

    Apple can fix this easy just by making the double click home button not do anything when the phone is locked.

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    I think this might be a bigger problem for people of actual importance. Honestly for most of us, the worst part about this might be some one checking your e-mail! But even then, you could change your password and solve that problem. For me, not that big of a deal.

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    another thing is that if they send yoy a SMS you can see it without the passw.

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