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Thread: Installer 4.0b6 and New Updated Repository Code

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    "nickmc01" Can you explain then why installer for previos FW1x was falling apart, was never maintained, bug reports were ignored, broken promises of open source, system passwords broken and never fixed.

    Why will installer 4 be any diferent?

    I have tinkered with installer 4 but after what developer did with Kate regarding Winterboard I will not be updating it and will not be installing it when I pwn to 2.0,2

    I can see no point in Installer on FW2.0,0 after all Installer can't do anything Cydia can't do, but Cydia can do plenty that installer will never be able to do.

    While the developers have brought out a crap piece of software (installer 4) jay has made Cydia better and better he's also made Winterboard and Cycorder. Go on Saurik show how it should be done.

    Cydia 10 installed 0.


    P.S. Before slaying me of try reading up on the subject, then you might agree with me.

    Packaging Issues with AppTapp - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    First link incorrect

    first 2 ;-)

    also worth reading

    Bringing Debian APT to the iPhone - Jay Freeman (saurik)
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    hey guys i dont know what to do ...
    i have updated installer 4 from 4.0b4 to 4.0b6
    but after installation i press the home key and my iphone soft reset
    and now when i click on installer it open and crashes back to springboard
    what to do ?
    any terminal commands ?
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    crashed when i first opened installer after the update

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    I just get this Bad URL Errors all the time when I try to update.... Installer sucks

    And whatever you do - DONT INSTALL KATE!!! It messes up your phone real bad. My phone app started crashing - well that's just worthless... So just dont install KATE! It was impossible to uninstall, I had to restore...
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    Did you guys try setting the permissions for the folder? You should set it to 0755; I would say to set it to 0777 but when I've done that before I got a message while opening installer that the permissions weren't set properly. Because of that one thing you might want to do before setting all permissions to 0755 is to go through the folder and see what permissions all files have by default (especially the important, unique-looking files), if they have 0777 make sure you set that file back to 0777 after you set all files in the folder to 0755.
    Quote Originally Posted by davethegreat View Post
    Really, I am starting to feel like I am just going crazy or something . . . but I can't figure out how to install Installer.
    LOL, I know EXACTLY how you feel! Because of the fact that most people install these installers during the "pwning" process there aren't many other sources for the program other than the pwning programs and the official source (which doesn't help much with installer, I've learned to HATE the outdated, bleak installer sites!). You really have to do some digging and questioning to find them. I love your analogy, btw, I've been in that situation before too!

    And @ Iphonecrazy, I don't think nick develops the app, he's just supporting it, which I do too btw alongside Cydia (it's like PC's and Macs, you can go on forever about which is better but they both really do have their exclusive pros and cons whether they be statistical, aesthetic or sentimental, and you can't go wrong when you gots BOTH! )
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    Im sticking with Cydia until the full installer is released, still too many problems with it

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    I just posted it dont mean I like installer haha I dont even use it

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    Can someone tell me why this installer update is not showing up in the updated category of my phone, or any other section of the installer for that matter? I dont understand why I am not getting this update. I have the dev team's source, am I missing something here?

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    The new version of installer just freezes and I can't get it to load properly without freezing...any suggestions for troubleshooting, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkyle80 View Post
    Can someone tell me why this installer update is not showing up in the updated category of my phone, or any other section of the installer for that matter? I dont understand why I am not getting this update. I have the dev team's source, am I missing something here?

    I am having the same issue. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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    this appears to still be glitchy... it doesn't have anything that cydia needs... Going back to just cydia

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrayers View Post
    so frustrating, I am trying to set up a repository but every time i try and use regenerate.php?secret=blahblah, i get this error:
    Generating index for firmware 2.0.
    <br />
    <b>Fatal error</b>:  Cannot instantiate non-existent class:  domdocument in <b>/home/jack/public_html/repository/regenerate.php</b> on line <b>160</b><br />
    anyone figure this out? I'm having the same issue....
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    Ahh, still ******.
    Causing my iPhone to freeze all the time and the applications dont even INSTALL (show up on springboard!?) Whats with that.

    Looking forward to the final release. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mofolo View Post
    Looking forward to the final release.
    Why? Do you think they will make huge improvements from now until the release date? No. Installer has always had problems, and they don't deserve to have the application running on an iPhone.
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    Installer has one thing Cydia doesnt, a caller ID fix

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    Default My Installer
    my installer has problems
    1. the theme is like the Maaangler. i wonder if that's the latest version's theme.
    2. it doesn't want to update with the newest.
    3. when i add source, it doesn't show a list of things i can download in Categories.
    4. there's not much things to download.

    can someone help me, please?

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