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Thread: Pandora on Death Row?

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    Default Pandora on Death Row?
    According to an interview conducted by the Washington Post, Pandora founder Tim Westergren says that Pandora may have to close up shop.

    We're approaching a pull-the-plug kind of decision. This is like a last stand for webcasting.
    Why might Pandora shut down you ask, well, my friends, you have the wonderful copyright holders and their good buddies the US Government to thank for that. Last year a panel decided it was a wonderful idea to more than double the royalty fee that internet radio has to pay the song owners. What is interesting here is that "traditional" radio does not pay the fees that web radio is so violently being slapped in the face with. Satellite radio pays something nominal in comparison.

    According the article Pandora is set to pay 70 percent of its expected 25 million dollar income this year to <strike>corporate monster record labels</strike> artists.

    There is hope however, Represenative Howard Berman, Democrat of California, is trying to work a deal between webcasters like Pandora and SoundExchange, the entity who handles all of these shenanigans for the "artists" and record labels. Their name is grossly misleading however, as it seems they are doing everything but exchanging sound. In fact the only sound they want to exchange is that click of an opening briefcase full of <strike>ransom</strike> royalty money.

    We're losing money as it is. The moment we think this problem in Washington is not going to get solved, we have to pull the plug because all we're doing is wasting money.
    For those of you that don't remember, or simply don't know, Pandora was funded by venture capitalist, and for the first time since it served its first song, Pandora was on its way to making a profit in 2009. Wintergren fears that the decision made by the government will tear apart the business model as a whole and that Pandora and organizations like it will not be able to successfully seek out funding.

    SoundExchange defends it stance by essentially saying that providers like Pandora should have to pay more money, because, well, the artist should be making more from the internet. Yup, that's their reason. Apparently when you listen to music on the tubes an artist should get more money than if you tuned in on your stereo. They've got some real smart cookies over at that thurr SoundExchange thangy. Evidently they're smart enough to push the government into increasing the fee from 8/100 of a cent per play to 19/100 of a cent per play.

    Note: Figure is for amusement only, not all information is available so some of it was educationally guessed from the information at hand.

    SoundExchanges official stance:

    SoundExchange officials argue that because different media have different profit margins, it is appropriate to set different royalty rates.

    Moreover, they complain, Internet radio stations have done too little to make money from playing their songs.
    They want money, money they know isn't being made. If what they say is ture, that different media has different profit margins, and, by their own admission, internet radio isn't making money, shouldn't it have then have the lowest royalty rates. I guess they're playing with potential future revenue streams, streams that will only be large enough if they get to make the service what they want – all about money.

    When we have our board meetings, the central topic is the revenue trajectory, not how happy our users are.

    – Tim Westergren
    Pandora is one of the most popular websites around, with 40,000 new listners a day, and is currently ranked number 7 in the Top Free apps in the AppStore with an outstanding 4.5 Star rating.

    [The Washington Post]
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    Ludicrous. I love the big boys in washington. U.S. is #1... lol So much for the free country thing... You guys over in France have some empty condos for sale? lol jkjk

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    "F THE POLICE", pineapple express.
    A Thanks is always nice =]

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    screw washington, they are so out of touch with the people. But this sin't a new thing. I hope they don't pull the plug. I love pandora!!!!!

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    Go to Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music
    Click an ad.

    I would hate to see them go.

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    yea me to i listen to it at work all the time,Government SUCKS with there rules

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    Man oh man... I love Pandora too! So simple and actually sounds great!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    Go to Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music
    Click an ad.

    I would hate to see them go.
    done... good idea!
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    I love the arrow saying "Lie" about the reception. Hilarious but true.

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    What the Fock!!!I love Pandora on my iPhone,, it's the one app that I actually I use everyday.. Is better than the Ipod feature IMO

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    What I find amusing about the record companies is they spend incredible amounts of money on marketing their artists, especially the big ones, and go through all this endless promotion to really no avail. When the internet could be their biggest customer base, and spend a milli penny relative to what they spend in the "modern media" What I find more interesting is that the internet has really made it into the prime time spots on huge Television stations. So instead of trying to crumble it, play fair ball, and embrace it. Use it to your advantage, and I guarantee you will "sell" more albums. Trying to destroy your opponent works better if you outsmart them, not bully.

    And the government couldnt be too involved, thats a lot of tax dollars to throw away.

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    I know what ya'all mean. Instead of playing my iPod music during my workouts, I just run Pandora! It would be a travesty to have this shut down due to excessive royalties for web broadcasts as opposed to over the air broadcast. I guess the capital is a bit less for the web as opposed to over the air, but over the air equipment should already be paid for and no longer be a business liability. It's just lobbyists hanging on to resisting inevitable change (they are all 70 or something! - I'm approaching 50 and shutting down services such as this make no sense to me)

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    When ever there is something good.... someone wants to wreck it... what a bunch of fools! If I could only control somethings in this dumb world we live in today.... why don't they worry about something else?

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    clicking ads like crazy..................

    pandora's such a great service. i really hope they can pull through!
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    this thread reminded me that i have this app and now i am using it and im gonna miss it :'(

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    Let's hope it doesn't come to that! I mean, an app with great reviews, great service and the government is wrecking the entire business plan on which this business was founded! I may be next! I love my business but somehow, anything good, the government destroys unless it's welfare!

    Oh, one more thing, I have downloaded at least 3 "albums" from iTunes because of Pandora! Google Dolls new one, Vertical Horizon's latest, etc... Pandora is an apt name - it introduces to many groups we would never be exposed o otherwise. The record companies have a GOLD mine here - I'm surprised they didn't think of it!

    Just bought "snow patrol". Man, the whole premise of stopping Pandora is crazy! I never even knew this band until Pandora introduced it to me. I wonder if Pandora gets a cut from iTunes products we buy because they are introduced to us through this medium?

    They should get a piece of that pie and the government should realize the changing face of broadcast/web relay of information. They both have their place but over air broadcasts cannot, and never will, have the ability for interaction the web allows.
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    I love Pandora! I'd hate to see them go

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    i think pandora should offer user subscriptions, because i would pay $5~$10 per month, no problem. it is worth it, the service is cannot be topped.

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    NO!!!! i LOVE PANDORA screw this! WHY?? lol that sucks though i wish they didn't have to pull the plug i used it everyday...

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    shame :-/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    Go to Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music
    Click an ad.

    I would hate to see them go.

    Done as well. Indeed a very good idea.........c'mon people fight back, click an ad!


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